Beware! TenX Prime is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


TenX Prime is your average offshore broker – they are still not confirmed scammers but are probably up to no good. The biggest problem with the broker is the complete lack of regulations – such facts are never to be neglected when your money is at stake. With TenX Prime, you would not be able to benefit from the countless protections working with regulated, reliable company guarantees. Moreover, the payment methods provided by TenX Prime are very questionable and might prevent you from getting a chargeback if it does turn out that the broker is a scam. Better look up reliable, regulated brokers with a solid reputation – more often than not, they can offer you not only safety but also better conditions.


TenX Prime is registered at one of the most notorious addresses in the world of trading – Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are literary hundreds of scam companies registered at that exact same address – the only thing you will find if you Google it, is the desperate testimonials of people trying to get their money back. The FSA of St. Vincent and the Grenadines does not regulate forex brokers and as a result, many scammers have chosen this country as a center for all sorts of illegal financial activities. Some legitimate brokers like OctaFX do have offices in St. Vincent and the Grenadines – but these are established international brands regulated elsewhere that have set up an offshore branch with the aim to offer more attractive conditions and avoid some restrictions that exist in more strict jurisdictions. In case the broker only has offshore offices, we would suggest that you refrain from working with it – companies registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines abide by no laws and answer to nobody. There are also no protections in place for clients.

A much better choice is to open an account with a regulated UK, EU, or Australian broker. Such companies have to meet many requirements in order to obtain a license and answer to the most merciless financial authorities in the world. The maintenance of some sort of operational capital is a common requirement – at least A$1 million for Australia and €730 000 for the EU and the UK. This proves the broker’s financial stability. Negative balance protection is provided to all retail clients – your losses cannot exceed the money you have in your account at the given time. Client deposits are always kept separate from the broker’s own funds in segregated accounts – this allows the broker to grant faster withdrawals and proves that the company is not using your deposits for their own financial operations. Finally, although compensation funds still don’t exist in Australia, they are a fact in the EU and the UK – if a broker goes bankrupt, their clients would be able to receive a compensation of up to £85 000 in the UK and €20 000 in the EU.

Such security measures are not in place when you are working with an unreliable, offshore brokerage – more often than not such companies are created with one purpose only – to get their hands on your money.


TenX Prime offers a download link for a platform that is certainly well-known to most traders – MetaTrader 4. Since its introduction in 2006, MT4 has become a true industry staple. The platform only recently got surpassed by the newer MT5 in the number of clients that use it – but remains the platform with the biggest volume of trades executed. That is more than understandable – MT4 is stacked with great trading tools, indicators, and possibilities for charting and analysis while also not being more complicated than it needs to be. Some of the features you will get access to are Expert Advisors, VPSs you could buy to keep t your trading bots operating even when your computer is not on, possibilities for developing bots and indicators or using multiple accounts, signals, and much more. Be warned that many scammers use the software’s great reputation to attract victims – this is why you should only use MT4 with reliable, regulated brokers.

Moreover, TenX Prime did not even allow us to log in to their MT4 terminal and let us try and trade – there was some system problem.


The broker only offers one trading account – the minimum deposit you would have to transfer is just $25. This is more than affordable – but since the broker is not reliable, we would suggest that you check out our list of brokers with a low minimum deposit instead.

The leverage TenX Prime is quite high – 1:500 for forex majors. While offshore brokers are not obligated to follow any leverage restrictions, all UK, EU, US, and Australia-regulated brokers are. No EU, UK, or Aussie broker could offer leverage higher than 1:30 to retail clients. The ratio is slightly higher in the US – 1:50. High leverage enables you to make bigger offers – and earn, or lose much more money in the process. If you are interested in trading with high leverage, check out brokers offering leverage of 1:100 – but under no circumstances turn to anonymous companies like TenX Prime.

The spreads we were promised started from 0.1 pip – we have to admit that this is more than attractive but scammers are often known to manipulate platforms to make you think you are turning a great profit when you are actually not. And besides, as we could not log in to the broker’s MT4 terminal, we could not confirm TenX Prime’s claims.


Although you will see the words “bank transfer” and “debit card” among the payment methods, you should not believe that the broker accepts such deposits. TenX Prime actually provides a direct connection to a few lesser-known crypto exchanges where you could purchase Bitcoin with a card or bank transfer – only then will you be allowed to deposit. Of course, you will also be able to deposit Bitcoin directly to the broker’s wallet.

While many legitimate brokers have started accepting crypto payments, they always give you the choice to deposit in a different way. Scammers on the other hand urge you to deposit in crypto – such transactions are irreversible because of the very nature of blockchain technology. This means that once you have deposited, you can never get a chargeback. So we advise you to only use this payment method with brokers you are sure you can trust completely.


We would not call such scams a complicated affair – quite the contrary, they usually work in a very simple but surprisingly effective way.

First, you will see some sort of ad on the Internet for the broker’s website. Maybe you have heard about people getting rich by trading, maybe you even know such people. Or maybe you just get tempted by the promise of earning a lot of money with relatively little work – such brokers rarely warn you about the dangers of trading or provide you with educational material that could actually teach you how to trade successfully. All you need to do, according to them, is deposit a certain amount of capital, and you will see the money piling up.

But you don’t even need to deposit for the wheels to start turning – you just need to provide the scammers with your phone number and e-mail address. After that, they will not leave you alone before you deposit. And such people are well-versed in the art of smooth-talking – they are usually quite convincing and will persuade you to transfer the money in no time. Once you have deposited though, they will keep asking you for more and more money. And you will gladly invest more – because at this point you are probably turning a profit. However, once you try to withdraw your profits, matters will get complicated. The scammer will make up reasons why this is impossible – additional taxes or certain clauses in the Terms and Conditions. At some point, you will start figuring out something is wrong – but the scammers will be long-gone with your money by then.


The first thing you should do is change all your banking passwords to make sure the scammers would not be able to get access to any more of your money. If you have installed any sort of remote access software and given scammers permission to access your computer, make sure to ask for assistance in getting rid of everything such people have put on your device. If you have deposited with Visa or MasterCard, ask your card provider for help – chargebacks are possible within 540 days. Notify the responsible authorities and make sure to inform other people possible about such scams – online, and in your circle of acquittances. The more people know about this type of scam, the fewer victims scammers will be able to attract in the future.

Know that the chance of recovering your money is slim and try to look into brokers carefully before investing in the first place. Finally, don’t trust any company or person claiming they could recover your money for a fee – such “recovery agents” run another type of scam aimed at desperate people who have lost money. Sometimes those “agents” are the same people that scammed you in the first place.

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  1. I lost my deposit 4000$ on tenx prime
    after I made the payment I sent a lot of emails but tenx broker does not give my money back
    fraud broker

    1. Really bro I wanted to open account there

    2. Mr.ahamed Khan if you are really loose your funds please sent us a proof

      1. Firstly If a Broker was Professional and conducted business the Legit way they won’t make petty mistakes like you, Can’t even spell the guy’s name correctly, and using the past tense.

  2. i also wanted to make a deposit wueeeeeh

  3. I olso lost $50,the rejected my deposit, bat the money went through

  4. Abraham Akolo Alega

    Lucky me, I about to open an account with than..

  5. Im here because of john gold scalper on telegram sugest to join this broker
    in order to join his private channel that provide good signal.

    Im lucky found this review

    1. We are on the same page dear. Most of all these people like John who claims to be a trader using this broker is their agent. I once fell victim to KatoPrime promoted by same people but not anymore. Any broker outside Octafx and Exness I won’t use

      1. Me too Exness and Octafx only

    2. Is John Gold Scalper real or he’s an agent for TenX Prime? Can one use his signals in other brokers platforms and profit with them?

    3. I’m here for same reason

    4. I’m so grateful to have found these testimonials… I was going to do the same thing…
      What does it mean that John is also a fraud for linking up with such a brokerage? Has anyone else got information on the subject?

  6. Someone from telegram was suggesting me to open a account here. …thanks man..i don’t know why people doesn’t care about hard-earned money

  7. Keep up the good work, you just save me from falling victim.
    A big thank you to those who sent in their experience with the broker, pray you all recover your losses.
    Thank you for your honest review.

  8. Waooo. I am reading this in December 2022. I am just about to deposit $100 in Tenxprime. Thank you for the heads up. I would have lost my money

    1. me too… i lost my money

  9. Signal provider going by the name of John is trying to convince followers to register with Tenx. Could smell something was wrong.

  10. Look, this man John tells to signup with this broker and get the account verified, then he will deposit 25$, what a big nonsense, first of all, no third-party payment should be accepted to fund someone else accounts even with 1$ if the broker is regulated with the financial authorities. secondly, what will then be the procedure of withdrawal, the rule is if you get your fx account funded using any particular mode of payment, the first withdrawal is gonna be fulfilled through the same mode of payment, which means lots of traders will make a deposit to get the 25$ extra from this scammer, and later on, this man will take all the money from everyone’s account, none sense, if was really a multi-millionaire he shouldn’t be begging people to join or follow him on social media, he should contribute free of cost without any conditions and restrictions. but he is attempting to scam people through this rubbish tenxprime. stay away from this company.

  11. Someone called John or Alex (look like a same person behind), they recommend this broker. Unfortunately, I have been done with some scammers as like they did (the broker scheme).

    However… bealive me or not, I still follow their signal of xauusd. Awesome!!! Almost double day by day hahaha… Thanks John/Alex or whatever your real name. Dude, please stay away to promoting this broker, there is hundreds trusted broker outthere which you can offer to your followers, I ready to join with you bro. Cheers

    From Indonesia

    1. That’s true. His signal is legit. Look, I don’t get paid to say this but it is the truth.

      1. Very true but promoting a scam broker

    2. Bro, I want to ask, is it safe to withdraw there, bro? I plan to just use the bonus for trading after it’s all withdrawn, please enlighten me
      Bang mau tanya, kalo withdraw disitu tetep aman ga bang? Saya rencana nya sih mau pake bonusnya aja buat ditradingin abis itu di tarik semua, mohon pencerahannya

      1. It can work, it’s true that it takes 1-3 hours, I just used a local bank to try it, it’s really not a scam, because a lot of people who say Tenxprime is a scam, it still works, if you want proof, just reply, I’ll give it later.
        Bisa bg, bener 1-3 jam wd nya, aku baru wd pake local bank nyoba aja bener ga scam krn byk yg ngmng tenxprime scam ternyata msh bs wd, kl mau bukti reply aja,nanti ku kasih.

        1. Deposited 200$ but recieved in my mt4 account..
          Using tenxprim
          Help m bro how recover my amount

    3. I was about to signup based on that recommendation . Can you share the telegram here?

    4. I think best is, open $50 or less, account with tenx, join Alex/John and copy trades on a separate FX broker account. Deposit a small amount, so as to be a member to receive signals, and on the other broker’s account, you can deposit a larger amount

      1. Exactly that’s what I just did right now but my deposit haven’t reflect on my dashboard but I received a mail that the deposit is successful though…but a really confused

    5. Please my brother how did you manage to get there signal because right now I just deposited $50 in to the tenxprime account and the money doesn’t reflect…pls tell me how you are getting the signal thank you

      1. Have u got the deposite amount in your mt4 or mt5 account

    6. can you please share that signal

    7. Please can you help
      Me with the link to John gold account on Telegram
      There seems to be too many

  12. I was skeptical at first but John was legit. I did receive the USD25 he was offered and on top of that another welcoming bonus USD30. I managed to earn USD151 profit. I’ve withdrawn USD122, and sure enough, like the TenX Prime admin said the process took 3 hours or more to process. I did receive the USD122 profit and the bonus USD30 plus John generous capital USD25 is still in my account. Best of all, I’m still in the 2nd round of profit. I will withdraw the 2nd time soon. Sometimes you have to trust your guts and do more research.

    1. I tried withdrawal using Trc20 address its 2days now nothing showup. Which method you use? Can you dm?

    2. Is it true bro? My wd still pending. I wd use the instant banking option. But till now still pending

    3. so you have received 122 dollar at which account TRC20 or else ?

    4. sure can withdraw ?

    5. How did you withdraw?

    6. Which method did you use to withdraw your profit after trading?

    7. i have balance in my account in MT4 but it’s not available for me to withdraw in the TenX portal…

      1. Bro same thing happened to me now stucked my 470$ …you got withdrawal bro??

  13. Hello Bro, Did you manage to withdraw your money ?

  14. The website so called is a scam website by so called Alex and John gold scalper.. don’t trust anyone who says he had withdraw from the site .. I’m yet to withdraw my money for over a week now…

  15. You can’t withdraw money with TenX Prime blocker if it was deposited by John because the method you used to deposit is the method you have to use when withdrawing. And the minimum amount to withdraw is 50$.

    1. That’s not true. He gave me $25 as well and I grew it to $50 which I was able to withdraw. The withdrawal doesn’t even take up to 24hrs(TRC20). I am not recommending the broker but I am sure about their withdrawals. I am also studying them. Not 100% sure about them yet. But life is all about taking risk

  16. John Gold Scalper is a Scam. My Mt4 has 74usd, I rised it from 25usd but my back office is empty, so I won’t withdraw the money.

    1. Baby Ellen Chuatoco

      same here 🙁

  17. I deposited my money and withdraw with USDT trc20 for 2 days now, it’s still pending. Customer service not responding. And I even borrowed the money how do I pay back now?

    1. i have also same situation , what we do

    2. You they paid you?

  18. Thank God I’m reading this. I was about to loose 50$ as instructed by mike gold master. Is he another scam? Why did he move from octafx to this tenx prime

  19. Same here man. A guy called Alex Gold Chaser on telegram also is asking for people to join TenX Prime if you want to be part of his VIP group. That is the qualification. But I had to investigate to be sure and am glad I found this

  20. I smell a scam when he said I should deposit extra money to be 50 usd before joining john vip,he close the first one

  21. Hi guys I just make and withdrawal of $50 and hour ago and it’s still pending how long does it take to withdraw from tenxprime and how to speak to the admin

  22. This Broker Tenx Prime should be closed down.

    They could be running this company from their basement,

    And the people who run this should be put in jail ASAP.

    Everyone who has money in there should withdraw immediately and deposit Some where else safer.Come to think of it Octa Fx has not let me down with withdrawals yet.

    Tenx X prime has taken 200$dollars from me by not allowing me to withdraw

    Please people warn everyone and report this stuff.

  23. Tenxprime really suck..2 times i made minimum withdrawal of 50usd..its take really a long time for them to give a feedback. Then, they just reverting the money to my trading account. Means that you are not able to withdraw your money. Personally, tenxprime is not recommended broker.

  24. I just tried withdrawing my $80 and it says the minimum withdrawal is $100. I thoight it the minimum withdrawal was $50

  25. Mahendrasingh Pardeshi

    I was short 0.10 lot on AUDUSD.
    at today’s news event 6.00 pm (IST) i should have been positive at least 23 pips , i.e. 23 Dollars. But at the whole minute of 6.00 pm (IST) even there was a red spike down almost 23 points … my account was still in loss of -26pips….there mt4 terminal just stuck at -26$ loss mark, No movement all the time. after that market went against my position and i had to close with the loss of 25$. Thanks

    My Tenxprime account number is 74162894.

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