Wealth Sailing Forex Review – 5 things you should know about wealthsailingforex.com

Wealth Sailing Forex Review – 5 things you should know about wealthsailingforex.com

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Beware! wealthsailingforex.com is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Wealth Sailing Forex is one of these brokers that demands that you trust them with your money but offers few reasons for trust. The website we were faced with looked pretty bad and was devoid of any essential information – we learned nothing about vital trading conditions and were not provided with any sort of legal documentation. The website was so dysfunctional in fact that it would not even let us open an account. Wealth Sailing Forex is nothing more than an unlicensed scam broker – that much is evident. Avoid them at all costs.


Wealth Sailing Forex states on multiple occasions that it is based in New York, the US – but has not mentioned anything about actually being licensed in this country. This is hardly surprising – very few brokers still operate in the US. This is the result of the strict requirements and regulations they have to face. US-licensed brokers have to prove that they are financially stable by maintaining the minimum capital of $20 million – more than anywhere else in the world. In comparison, the amount of money UK and EU brokers have to hold as minimum capital is €730 000. The number is A$1 million in Australia. This is, of course, far from the only condition for US brokers – they also have to release a lot of transaction data to clients and report to authorities regularly to ensure transparency. US brokers are not allowed to offer leverage higher than 1:50 to their clients and are not permitted to allow hedging. Moreover, even legitimate overseas brokers who are not licensed by the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) – the two main US regulators – are prohibited from offering services to US clients.

We had huge doubts that a broker who chose not to provide a phone number and any essential company information and therefore remained more or less anonymous has managed to meet all of these requirements. We turned out to be right – Wealth Sailing Forex is not an NFA member.

Moreover, when we checked the license information on the broker’s MetaTrader 5 terminal, we found another address for Wealth Sailing Forex – one in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is another well-known regulatory hub for brokers. Hong Kong-based brokers are also asked to maintain a certain minimum capital – 5 million Hong Kong Dollars or about $640 000 – and participate in an Investor Compensation Fund. Unlike compensation funds in the UK and the EU, this fund only covers trading in securities and futures and does not extend to leveraged forex trading. However, the size of the compensation is bigger – $150 000 (compensation funds in the UK and the EU insure investor capital in case of broker insolvency up to 85 000 and €20 000 respectively). Additionally, all clients of Hong Kong brokers are allowed to claim damages in case they have been sold products not well-suited for them.

When we checked the register of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), we found out that Wealth Sailing Forex is not licensed in Hong Kong either – which means they are unregulated and most probably a danger to investors.

Doing business with an unlicensed broker is a risky affair – not only would you not be able to benefit from the many protections that exist for clients of a licensed broker but you could also not be sure that your broker is conducting business in a legal manner, and answering to any authority. Brokers licensed in the UK, the EU, Australia, or another strict jurisdiction are your best bet if you want to trade safely.

Wealth Sailing Forex TRADING SOFTWARE

Considering the broker’s awful presentation, we were amazed by the fact that we were actually able to download MetaTrader 5 from their website. However, as soon as we opened the platform, we ran into a problem – the charts would not load no matter what we did although the Internet connection was decent and our demo account was valid. 

The offer of such a great platform is probably Wealth Sailing Forex’s way of attracting clients – MT5’s reputation in the industry has always been spotless, and this is something the broker is using to its own advantage. Do not fall for this cheap trick – there are many licensed brokers who can offer MT5. We would recommend that you try the platform as soon as possible – there is a reason why this is currently the most popular trading platform out there. The software is not overly complicated but offers great functionality and countless useful tools – on top of a full charting and analysis package which expanded on what MT4, MT5’s predecessor had to offer, you will be getting access to tools such as Expert Advisors (trading bots that track markets and trade automatically), a multi-threaded Strategy Tester, the chance to set signals or subscribe to those set by others, hedging and netting options, a community chat providing access to a vast community, a huge market for additional apps, and much more.


We did not manage to learn a lot about Wealth Sailing Forex’s trading conditions – the only thing the broker has mentioned on the website is that it provides access to various markets – forex (around 40 currency pairs), CFDs on indices, crude oil, and cryptocurrencies. Even if you ignore everything else, this is not a good offer – these instruments are far fewer than those most legitimate brokers could usually offer.

The broker would not allow us to open an account – it kept asking for an email verification code (which it did send us), and it kept saying that this code is wrong. As a result, we could not access any sort of Client Area, or try and trade. But whatever Wealth Sailing Forex offers is not worth having anyway – this broker is, as stated, far from reliable. It did not even provide us with something as simple as Terms and Conditions – a mistake no legitimate broker (and even many scammers) would not make. As a result, we cannot say a lot about important details like commissions, non-trading fees, account types, leverage, and minimum deposit amounts. What we urge you to do instead of wasting even a minute of your time on Wealth Sailing Forex is to check out these legitimate brokers who offer affordable trading accounts – sometimes for as little as $5.


Without access to an account, we could not establish which deposit methods this broker accepts – that was not mentioned anywhere on the website either. But depositing with this broker would be an enormous mistake – they are nothing more than a scam scheme that will leave you free from anything you decided to invest with them. However, on the off chance that you actually decided to transfer money to Wealth Sailing Forex and managed to do so, get familiar with chargeback options immediately. If you have made a payment via Visa or MasterCard it would be fully possible to get a chargeback within 540 days – both card providers allow such chargebacks.


In this day and age, such scams are far more frequent than you would think. With the rising number of people willing to invest in the forex market, the number of scam brokers has increased drastically. It is important to learn how such scams work in order to spot them and avoid them. Scammers are rarely very imaginative so you would not find a lot of deviations from the following scheme.

In your search for a broker to start trading with, you stumble upon one who promises particularly great conditions. Or maybe you were not even looking for a broker but have heard stories about people getting rich by trading and are tempted to see what all the fuss is about. This particular broker promises fast effortless profits, enormous promotions, and an all-around great trading environment. So you fall for it and provide the scammers with your email and phone number.

The moment you do that, you will start getting calls from the broker asking you to invest – the scammers will be persistent and promise you all sorts of tempting profits. If you give in and deposit, you will be asked for increasingly bigger amounts – and you will gladly deposit because, at this point, you would probably be seeing profits.

The problems will start once you try to withdraw those amazing profits – all sorts of additional fees and clauses in the Terms and Conditions will prevent you from doing so, or result in huge losses of capital. At some point, you will understand that you are being scammed – but the scammers will be long-gone by then.


Prevention is key in such situations. Make sure that you choose a reliable brokerage with a solid reputation, and always check the registers of the responsible authorities to make sure that all of the broker’s regulatory claims are true. Do not trust offers that are too good to be true.

If you have, however, already deposited with a scam broker, make sure to look up chargeback options as soon as possible. Both Visa and MasterCard, for example, allow chargebacks within 540 days of the transaction. Getting your money back if you have deposited via cryptocurrency or bank transfer, would not be possible. You should make sure to change all banking passwords, and remove any software the scammers had you install from your computer. They might have you believe that you should install some sort of remote access software to help you trading, or with technical issues but that is a lie – they just want access to your banking accounts.

Make sure to notify authorities about the scam and share your story with as many people as possible – this would prevent such scams from spreading.

Finally, do not trust anyone – usually calling themselves a “recovery agent” – who offers to retrieve your money for a fee. This is just another type of scam.

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  1. Do not use WealthSailing – they scammed me out of 1000.00.and just shut down my account and took the funds. They use USDT transfer to get the funds and they require a copy of your ID to get the funds back. They also posed as Andrew Lockwood to be the broker which is not true.

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