Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Often, scams choose names that confuse and make it impossible to conduct dependable research. And that’s the case with – it’s literally a nightmare to do a casual Google check as you’ll end up with an enormous amount of results, none of which related to the broker. Yes, is a scam, and we’ll prove it in the following review. Regulation And Safety Of Funds is a brand of Incendiary Group LTD – a company registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, so straight away, we can tell it’s unregulated. The local financial authority FSU neither licenses nor supervises Forex brokers in any capacity, which ultimately means that is working unchecked. And with that being so, they can do whatever they want – exposing clients’ funds at risk or downright stealing the money.

However, that’s not the worst aspect in this case. It turned out that the same Incendiary Group LTD was already exposed as fraudulent by the German regulator BaFin, which issued a warning against the company for another brand of theirs. The publication is about InFluxFinance, which we also covered some time ago, so feel free to check our review, as well. But anyway, the fact that the company is the same undoubtedly proves that is a scam, too. And to wrap things up about the regulations, we confirm that your funds will be in danger if you deposit with because it’s unregulated! Generally, dealing with such entities is always a no-no as most of them are scams!

That’s why we endorse regulated brokers only – regulation ensures safety for clients’ funds, transparency, integrity and trustworthiness. For example, both CySEC (Cyprus) and FCA (Britain) regulated brokers are guaranteed safe as both impose strict regulatory standards, including clients’ accounts segregation and risk-reducing measures like leverage restrictions and negative balance protection. But above all, both jurisdictions maintain deposit insurance funds created to compensate clients if things go wrong – up to €20 000 in Cyprus and up to £85 000. And needless to say, if you get scammed by the unregulated broker reviewed, you’ll be unlikely to get any refund whatsoever. Trading Software can offer neither MetaTrader4 nor MetaTrader5 – the leading platforms for Forex trading known for their stability and the abundance of advanced features such as sophisticated indicators, automated trading, expert advisors and so on. Instead, relies on a basic Webtrader that cannot compare in any possible way with both MTs. In fact, it’s even a shame to call the browser-based terminal of a platform in front of MetaTrader 4 and 5. So, regardless of all the regulatory issues, we cannot recommend the brokerage reviewed simply because it comes with inferior trading software! Trading Conditions

The trading conditions are standard for unreliable offshore brokers. As you can see from the screenshot above, the EUR/USD spread is 3 pips (the difference between Buy and Sell quotes), meaning that the trading service is at least 3 times more expensive than usual. Put into perspective, legit brokers offer a standard spread of 1 pip or less ($10 per lot executed, compared to $30 if you trade with As for leverage, it’s 1:200 fixed, meaning that the trading risks involved are much bigger than necessary. In comparison, licensed EU, UK and Australian brokers cannot offer more than 1:30 – a regulatory measure imposed to reduce risks for retail clients. So, after the trading conditions assessment, we still cannot recommend because it’s costly and too risky for most customers. Deposit/Withdraw Methods And Fees

The minimum deposit is $250, which isn’t too much, but it’s still a lot if you consider that there are brokers ready to accept clients for as little as $1! The funding methods are Debit/Credit cards and Wire Transfers; however, when we tried to deposit, there was only the bank card option available, so we cannot confirm that Wire Transfers are even possible. Nevertheless, is a proven scam, so you shouldn’t deposit any money!

As for withdrawals, there isn’t much specified as there is no minimum amount designated. However, we came across a suspicious clause in the T&Cs document, suggesting that doesn’t really enjoy paying money back to customers. Namely, if clients accept bonus funds, they should trade the amount 25 times to become eligible for withdrawals. And as bonus funds and the deposit mingle in the account, it’s impossible to separate both, so basically, it becomes impossible to take money out of the account unless you trade the balance 25 times. Now, 25 times is a confusing requirement, so may always interpret the clause as it likes and reject withdrawals whenever it wants to! Beware!

Fees and charges are not specified in detail, and here we should inform you that’s legal documentation is generic – the broker’s name is mentioned just once in each of the documents. What we mean to say is that has apparently copied the content from somewhere else and didn’t even care to make it look legit. The rare usage of the name is evidence of a scam nonetheless!

How Does The Scam Work is a brand of a company that was exposed as a scam, so with a high degree of confidence, we can say that the broker reviewed is fraudulent, too. And here, we’ll quickly explain what scammers usually do while taking people for a ride.

Forex scams work in many different ways, but essentially, all of them are pretty much the same. Usually, the fraudulent schemes are registered offshore or are totally illegal, which makes it much harder to track the scammers down. And once you end up opening an account with such an entity, for whatever reason, you may expect an avalanche of phone calls from scammers who’ll do whatever it takes to make you fund your account as quickly as possible. They will promise bonuses, guaranteed profits, risk-free trading and anything else you could possibly imagine, urging you to start trading ASAP. And if you trust them and deposit money, you are very likely to become a victim of fraud – phone call urgency and big promises always suggest a scam!

In most cases, you will be shown fictitious profits and unrealistic gains – for example, if you deposited $250, you may expect to see thousands of dollars in profit the very next day. You’ll probably want to withdraw, but the experienced scammers won’t let you do so. They’ll insist that you can make even more money and will ask for more deposits. Or, they’ll tell you that you need to pay taxes in advance in order to get your money back, but no matter the scenario, the withdrawals will be impossible, and sooner or later, you’ll realise you’ve been scammed. It’s a horrible experience!

What To Do If Scammed

The first thing you should do is inform the authorities – call the police, contact your local regulators and other government bodies dealing with crime and fraud. Also, deactivate your cards ASAP and call your bank to inform them about what happened – they can provide essential information and help you reduce further financial damage.

If you deposited cryptocurrencies, there is not much you can do, but if you used your credit/debit cards, you could file a chargeback, hoping that all or some of the money invested can be retrieved. However, you shouldn’t go blindly looking to recover the loss because many fraudulent chargeback agencies are waiting to double-scam victims of fraud – be cautious about it!

And lastly, it would help if you share your experience and help protect others!

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  1. Confirm ca este escrocherie Am incercat sa scot 1000 $ din cont si din acest moment nu imi mai raspunde nimeni la niciun telefon, la nicio intrebare. Am depus initial o suma prin card, apoi ulterior o suma si mai mare prin criptomonede..
    I confirm that it is a scam. I tried to withdraw $ 1000 from the account and from this moment no one answers any phone, no question. I initially deposited an amount by card, then an even larger amount by cryptocurrency.

    1. I’ve done the same, but haven’t gotten a response yet. What should I do. What did you do.
      Bende aynı işlemleri yaptım henüz bir geri dönüş alamadım. Ne yapmalıyım. Siz ne yaptınız.

  2. Trade Union. After you make the minimum deposit of 250E you will be bombarded with phones by your brocker who, as a rule, has a common name like Andrei Radu, but which is just a stage name. This will require you to increase your deposit in order to be able to enter into really important operations that bring a lot of money. The target is at least 5000, from where the hard money starts to be made. If you don’t want to, you will receive on WhatsApp 2-3 times a week the extraordinary results of his work, that is, some spectacular increases of your account. You will be advised, at some point, not to withdraw money until you reach the Premium category, ie over 15000 E. Anyway, at some point, you will have some impressive increases and you will suddenly reach amounts over 40000- 50000E , and the broker will suggest that it would be good to withdraw money, because a lot has been collected, that it is not good to have so much money in the account, etc. Depending on the level the account has reached, you will be suggested to withdraw 10000- 20000 E. When you have confirmed that you want to withdraw money, you will be called by a woman, with a strong accent from the Republic of Moldova, who is recommended to be from the financial control and which will ask you to confirm your account data, etc., for the security of the transfer. Then someone with the same accent will call you, who will tell you that you have to pay the tax but also the commission of the company in advance. After you refuse such an average payment, it will tell you that it can be resolved and your money in the account will be stopped, and the rest will be transferred to your bank account. At 20-30 minutes you will be called by a boy from the number with prefix +41, with the same Moldovan accent, who will tell you that the payment of money to you is blocked by the company Blockchain, on the grounds that the payment is suspected of money laundering, and in order to unlock it, you must transfer to your Trade Union account 30% of the amount withdrawn, money that you will receive back with the amount withdrawn. They will even send you a paper, on WhatsApp, which would have been sent to them by Blockchain in which you are told the above procedure. If you call your broker, he will be shocked that Blockchain has blocked such a small amount, because they usually make payments of hundreds of thousands of euros, without problems. You will be advised by the brocker to transfer the 30% to the account, because you will receive them back. If you tell him that you have doubts and that he did not tell you about it from the beginning, he will decline any responsibility and tell you that there is no other way. However, after that, he won’t answer your phone. You can text him on WhatsApp and tell him that you want to pay, but that you need to discuss the details. You will be called almost immediately. Then you can just tell her about her mother, family, her dead, golden sex, etc., because you will never see money from them again!
    Trade Union. După ce faceți depunerea minimă, de 250E veți fi bombardați cu telefoane de către brockerul vostru care, de regulă, are un nume comun ca Andrei Radu, dar care este doar nume de scenă. Acesa vă va solicita să creșteți depunerea pentru a putea să între în operațiuni întradevăr importante care aduc bani mulți. Ținta este de minimum 5000, de unde încep să se facă banii grei. Dacă nu vreți, veți primi pe WhatsApp de 2-3 ori pe săptămână rezultatele extraordinare ale muncii lui, adică niște creșteri spectaculoase ale contului dumneavoastră. Veți fi sfătuiți, la un moment dat, să nu scoateți bani decât după ce veți ajunge în categoria Premium, adică peste 15000 E. Oricum, la un moment dat, veți avea niște creșteri impresionante și veți ajunge brusc la sume de peste 40000- 50000E, iar brockerul vă va sugera că ar fi bine să scoateți bani, pentru că s-au adunat foarte mulți, că nu e bine să fie atât de mulți bani în cont, etc. În funcție de nivelul la care a ajuns contul, vi se va sugera să scoateți 10000- 20000 E. Când ați confirmat că vreți să scoateți bani, veți fi sunat de o femeie, cu puternic accent de R. Moldova, care se recomandă a fi de la controlul financiar și care vă va cere să vă confirmați datele contului etc, pentru siguranța viramentului. Apoi vă va suna una cu același accent, care vă va spune că trebuie să plătiți impozitul dar și comisionul firmei anticipat. După ce veți refuza o astfel de plată averanță, vă va spune că se poate rezolva și vă vor fi opriți banii din cont, iar restul vă va fi virat în contul bancar. La 20-30 min veți fi sunați de un băiat de pe număr cu prefix +41, cu același accent moldovenesc, care vă va spune că plata banilor către dumneavoastră este blocată de firma Blockchain, pe motiv că plata este suspectă de spălare de bani, iar ca să o deblocați trebuie să virați în contul dumneavoastră de la Trade Union 30% din valoarea sumei retrase, bani pe care-i veți primi înapoi odată cu suma retrasă. Ba chiar vă vor trimite și o hârtie, pe WhatsApp, care le-ar fi fost trimisă de Blockchain în care vi se spune procedura de mai sus. În cazul în care vă veți suna brockerul, acesta se va arăta siderat de faptul că Blockchain a blocat o sumă așa de mică, pentru că ei fac uzual plăți de sute de mii de euro, fără probleme. Veți fi sfătuiți de brocker să virați cei 30% în cont, pentru că-i veți primi înapoi. În cazul în care îi comunicați că aveți dubii și că nu v-a spus de la început despre asta, el va declina orice răspundere și vă va spune că nu există altă cale. Oricum, dup asta, nu vă va mai răspunde la telefon. Puteți să-i dați un SMS pe WhatsApp și să-i spuneți că vreți să plătiți, dar că trebuie să discutați amănuntele. Veți fi sunat aproape imediat. Atunci puteți doar să-i spuneți despre mamă, familie, morții mă-sii, sex orat etc, pentru că bani nu veți mai vedea niciodată de la ei!

  3. I confirm that it is a great creation! I gave this sitte after I entered with 250 eur. I had doubts from the beginning. I didn’t put it in and the crypto “broker” kept calling me every day to convince me. But after a while I told him I wanted to close the account. In 2 minutes I found myself with 32,000 usd in it. And that I can’t close it until I withdraw the amount. And that I have to pay. I told him that I didn’t need any extra money, only my 250 euros. He said you can’t … I already knew he was a great creature! I didn’t pay nik! I keep sending them messages (I don’t answer anymore). All of them on the Romanian version are Moldovans. They entered Romania a few months ago and people don’t have information about what they are getting into! Maybe a little “publicity” from us doesn’t hurt!
    Confirm ca este o mare facatura! Eu am data de acest sitte dupa ce am intrat cu 250 eur. Am avut dubii de la inceput. Nu am bagat si cripto tot m-a sunat “broker-rul” zilnic sa ma convinga. Insa dupa o perioada cand i-am zis ca vreau sa inchid contul. In 2 min m-am tr3zit cu 32000 usd in el. Si ca nu pot sa’l inchid pana nu retrag suma. Si ca trebuie sa platesc. I-am zis ca nu am nevoie de nici un ban in plus ci doar cei 250 eur ai mei. A zis ca nu se poate… Stiam deja ca e o mare facatura! Nu am platit nik! Tot le mai trimit mesaje(nu mai raspund). Totzi de pe varianata romana sunt Romania acum cateva luni au intrat si oamenii nu au informatzii in ce se baga! Poate putzina “publicitate” din partea noastra nu stirca!

  4. I also confirm what Robie said. Exactly the same thing happened to me… Now I’m getting a call from blockchain because I paid the amount… Judgment, fine, wage stops and other threats…
    Confirm si eu ceea ce a spus Robie. Exact la fel am pățit… Acum sunt sunat de la blockchain pentru că sa achit suma… Judecata , amenda, opriri salariale și altele amenințări…

    1. Hello,
      Have you recovered anything yet?
      Ai mai recuperat ceva?

    2. I also confirm, the same scenario. Our Moldovans are put to great deeds. Be very careful.
      Has anyone recovered any money?
      Confirm si eu, același scenariu .Moldovenii noștri sunt puși pe fapte mari. Aveți mare grija .
      A mai recuperat cineva vre-un ban?

  5. I confirm what Ronie says. It’s very true.
    In short, I want to describe what I suffered 3 years ago. I started a month ago with a deposit of 250 euros at Union Trade pro with a broker with a Moldovan accent, with a contract and after a month he informed me that he would like to withdraw the profit made. From that moment the fun started. The broker called me to deposit 10% of the profit made so that I could withdraw the profit. I deposited it and an hour later I was called by the broker and someone from cyber security (I even received a document by mail with stamps and signatures ) that the transaction was blocked by the Blockchain robot and I have to deposit 50% of the amount that I have to withdraw. After thinking badly and consulting with the wrong people, one day I deposited the 50% in KUCoin from my “personal” account and the broker from his account also deposited 1500 euros in KUCoin so that I could reach the value Blockchain demanded. Said and done. I waited for around an hour for the transaction to be unblocked, which never happened. The people from Blockchain called me and told me that they also blocked the amount I deposited because it came from 2 different accounts, telling me that I have to deposit it again so that they can unblock the transaction.
    What do you think is the teppa? I was fooled and I promise you that I will do everything to reach these people…
    Confirm ce spune Ronie. Este foarte adevarat.
    Pe scurt vreau sa descriu ceea ce am pățit in urma cu 3 sile. Am inceput acum o luna cu o depunere de 250 euro la Union Trade pro cu un broker cu accent moldovenesc, cu contract si dupa o luna mi-a comunicat ca ar dori sa retragem profitul realizat. Din acel moment am inceput distracția. Ma sunat broker ul sa depun 10 % din profitul realizat ca sa pot retrage profitul .l-am depus si la o ora am fost sunat de broker si de cineva de la securitatea cibernetica ( am primit chiar si un document pe mail cu ștampile si semnături) ca tranzacția a fost blocată de robotul Blockchain si trebuie sa depun 50% din valoarea pe care trebuie sa o retrag. Dupa ce m-am gandit prost si m-am sfătuit cu cine nu trebuie, la o zi am depus cei 50% in KUCoin din contul meu “personal” si brokerul din contul lui a depus si el 1500euro in KUCoin ca sa pot ajunge la valoarea pe care o cerea Blockchain. Zis si facut. Am așteptat in jur de o ora deblocarea tranzacției care nu s a mai întâmplat. M-au sunat cei de la Blockchain si mi-au spus ca au blocat si valoarea pe care am depus-o deoarece a venit din 2 conturi diferite, spunându-mi ca trebuie sa o mai depun inca odata ca sa poată sa deblocheze tranzacția.
    Ce ziceți este teapa? Eu m-am păcălit si va promit ca voi face toate demersurile ca sa ajung la aceste persoane ………

    1. I am in the same situation as you.
      Please tell me if you managed to solve something, or if you managed to find these charlatans.
      Și eu sunt in aceeași situație ca tine .
      Te rog spune-mi dacă ai reușit sa rezolvi ceva ,sau dacă ai reușit sa dai de acești șarlatani.

    2. Hello! Did you somehow manage to find these charlatans? What can he do?
      Salut! Ai reusit cumva sa dai de acesti sarlatani? Ce sa poate face?

    3. Salut! Ai reusit sa recuperezi banii?
      Hello! Did you manage to recover money?

    4. The heat If you solve something, let us know. If there are more of us, maybe we can recover something..
      Teapa. Daca rezolvi ceva da-ne de veste si noua . Daca suntem mai multi poate mai recuperam ceva..

  6. Howdy! I am also in the same situation as you!
    What could be done to recover the money invested?
    Salutare! Si eu sunt,de asemenea in acceasi situatie cu voi!
    Ce s-ar putea face ca sa ne recuperam banii bagati?

  7. Salut! Si pe mine m-ar interesa daca ati gasit solutii sa recuperati banii.
    Hello! I would also be interested if you found solutions to recover the money.

  8. I can’t reach my investment financier
    Benim yatırım finanscima ulaşamiyorum

    1. Și eu sunt in aceeași situație oare mă puteți ajuta și pe mine cu un sfat?
      Va mulțumesc anticipat!
      I am also in the same situation, can you help me with an advice?
      Thank you in advance!

  9. Dacă a găsit cineva o soluție va rog sa îmi spuneti
    If anyone has found a solution, please let me know

  10. Yes, they are scammers, they put in fictitious amounts and then ask for money to pay the tax and the commission, in the end they come with phones with Swiss numbers, as if the money was wasted. I also suffered for the amount of €15,000, I can’t recover the investment of €3000. All their Romanian language speakers are from the Republic of Moldova
    Da sunt niste excroci,pun sume fictive si pe urma cer bani pentru plata inpozitului si comisionului,la urma vin cu telefoane cu numar de Elvetia,ca bani au fost bocati.Am patit si eu pentru suma de 15000€,nu reusesc sa imi recuperez investitia de 3000€.Toti vorbitori lor in limba Romana sunt din Republica Moldova

  11. I already have 27,000 euros in my account!!!! (it’s been “almost” a month since I deposited 250 euros), they keep insisting that I decide what to do with them. Should I take them out or continue trading. I don’t have them more answer. That’s it. I accept the loss. But if anyone knows a method to be able to recover something, please write on this forum.
    Eu am deja 27000 euro in cont!!!!(am ,,aproape” o luna de cand am depus 250 euro), tot insista sa ma hotarasc ce fac cu ei. Sa ii scot sau sa tranzactionez in continuare.Nu le-am mai raspuns. Asta este. Accept pierderea. Dar daca cineva stie vre-o metoda de a se putea recupera ceva va rog sa scrieti pe acest forum.

  12. Is there really nothing that can be done? There is really no authority that can close them, at least? Measures should be taken… We should still be able to do something to recover the invested money, at least.
    Oare,chiar nu se poate face nimic? Chiar nu exista nici o autoritate care sa poate sa-i inchida,macar? Ar trebui luate masuri…Ar trebui sa putem totusi ,face ceva ,pentru recuperarea banilor investiti,macar.

  13. Sesizați politia
    Notify the police

    1. The Romanian police do not have the ability to solve this problem, if you find a hacker in private, at least to identify these scammers, please leave a contact in the comments.
      Politia din Romania, nu are capacitatea de a rezolva aceasta problema, daca gasiti in privat un haker, macar pentru a identifica acesti escroci, va rog sa lasati un contact in comentarii.

  14. I am in the same situation. Does someone have the solution?

    1. I am in the same situation. What path shall we follow.

      Bende aynı durumdayım. Nasıl bir yol izleyelim.

  15. I am also in the same situation I deposited £250 and since then every day I am receiving text messages showing how my money has gone up
    I just went on the website to try and withdraw and it said I have to wait 24 hours
    He also told me about a $25k investment with Facebook Meta
    Beware it’s a scam!!!

  16. I invested but since I can’t find my money the authorities have to find these scammers who are real public dangers. All I want is to get my money back
    J’ai insvesti mais depuis je n’ arrive pas trouve mon argent les autorites doivent trouver ces arnaqueurs qui sont de vrais dangers publics. Tout ce que je veux c’est de recuperer mon argent

    1. I have just been scammed on Friday for more than $40,000 and I paid the 7% to withdraw my money after they emptied my account and blocked my number, no one answers me, be careful, his name is ISsac Younes does not process with him under the name of market union
      Je viens d être arnaquer le vendredi de plus de 40000$ et j ai payé les 7% pour faire le retrait de mon argent après ils ont vidé mon compte et m on bloqué mon numéro personne me réponds attention il s appelle ISsac Younes ne traité pas avec lui sous le nom de market union

  17. The same thing happened to me and they ask me 20000 eu to invest. What kind of fraud is this

  18. on the Union market group platform, I earned 108,633.04, which in the 3rd month evaporated. after persistent persuasion and persuasion, I “bite” again and paid 250.00 E to union-market. I stopped at 1,000 for a few months. I was not important to them because I persistently refused the additional payment. I asked for a refund, so I was told that I had to pay tax 10% to the state (England), which will return the same value to me after 30 days. after about a month, a new person contacted me who informed me that the general manager managed to save me the 108 thousand. but I didn’t have 10%. a week later it was found again “hidden” 32,000. I don’t have much of them, so to speak, not even for bread, let alone 14,000 E, I was happy for a few hours until I came to my senses because I realized that it was impossible to do…
    na platformi Union market group imala sam zarađenih 108.633,04 koji su u 3.mj. isparili. nakon upornih nagovaranja i ubjeđivanja sam opet “zagrizla” i uplatila 250,00 E union-marketu.tu sam nekoliko mjeseci stala na 1.000.nisam im bila važna jer uporno sam odbijala dodatnu uplatu.tražila sam povrat pa mi je rečeno da moram platiti porez 10% državi (engleskoj) koja će mi istu vrijednost vratiti nakon 30 dana.nakon cca mjesec dana javio mi se nova osoba koja me obavjestila da je glavni menađer uspio mi spasiti onih 108 tisuća.ali nisam imala 10%.tjedan kasnije opet je pronađeno “skriveni” 32.000.blago njima ja nemam,tako reći ni za kruh a kamo li 14.000E, bila sam sretna par sati dok nisam došla k sebi jer sam shvatila da je bilo to nemoguće izvesti…

  19. this website is a scam the FCA does not authorize a scam the companies recommend you can check the companies license on the FCA

  20. I’m reading your comments and it’s all the same to me with the brokers from London with whom I’m currently in cooperation. I saw their advertisement on the Internet, I signed up, they asked me to invest 250 euros. Then there’s communication via e-mail address and private number. , of course the agent speaks Serbian perfectly. Send me a link where I can follow the status of the profit. After two days I receive a prize of 3000 euros, and my profit grows to over 6000 euros in 10 days. And by the way, they send me some offers for the purchase of shares of large companies where I will earn three times as much. some taxes and something else. Of course I refused and now I’m honestly afraid of what they will do next. And how to get rid of them. I’m aware that I won’t get 250 euros back.
    Citam ove vase kometare i sve mi je ovo isto sa brokerima iz Londona sa kojima sam ja trenutno da kazem u saradnji.Preko interneta sam videla njihovu reklamu,prijavila se trazili su 250 evra da ulozim.Posle ide komunikacija y preko meil adrese i privatnog broja,naravno agent prefektno prica srpski jezik.Salji mi link gde ja mogu da pratim stanje profita.Posle Dva dana ja dobijam nagradu 3000 evra,i moj profit raste gde je sad vec preko 6000 evra za 10 dana.E usput mi salju neke ponude za kupivinu akcija velikih firmi gde cu ja trostruko da zaradim.I to odbijam i naravno agent je bio prilicno ljut i uvredljiv.I sad mi juce posalju ugovor sa njihivom kompanijom,a ugovor je u sustini da je moja odgovornost za sve i jos treba da placam neke poreze i jos nesto.Naravo to sam odbila i sad iskreno plasim se sta ce dalje da urade.I kako da ih se resim.Svesna sam da 250 evra necu dobiti nazad.

    1. I am reading your comment and just to conferm is name of that agent from london MARKO ZIVIC?

  21. I suffered the same from April 14 to 27, 2022, and the same thieves managed to swindle me, out of a lot of money! Why are these comments also recorded all over the internet, like advertisements, every second something different? That way they wouldn’t did these scoundrels still have the same success to be able to wretch people like us? there must exist in our Romania, a man, above this group of thieves in terms of intelligence, and take all their money, which is ours, even if I- I have been in debt for the rest of my life, not much at my 47 years old, and let’s break all their accounts and donate them, let’s at least build a hospital here, and they would only want me to know how I am currently frustrated and anxious because I didn’t read about their thievery and I stopped playing their demonic game!
    Identic am patit si eu din 14 pana in 27 aprilie 2022 si pe mine acceasi hoti,au reusit sa ma fraiereasca,de foaarte multi bani!decenu suntevidentiate si aceste comentarii pe tot internetul cum sunt reclamele ,in fiecare secuda tot alta?astfel nu ar mai avea acelasi succes acesti nemernici ca sa poata nenoroci oameni ca noi?trabuie sa existe in tiata Romania noastra,un om,mai presus ca inteligență peste acest grup de hoti si sa le ia toti banii,care sunt ai nostrii,chiar daca m-am indatorat toata viatacat voi mai avea,nu prea mult la cei 47 ani ,ai mei,si sa le sparga toate conturile lor si sa-i donam ,aici sa facem macar un spital,si nu mi-ar parearau decat sa ma stiu cum sunt in prezent ,cu frustrare si neliniste ca nu am citit despre hotia lor si nu le mai faceam si eu jocul demonic!

  22. Same thing happened to me. Aug 2022 i invested 250 euro and within a few weeks it grew to >3000, my broker was James Clark and as i refused to invest more and wanted to see a return and they said I could withdraw. After initiating that request I was contacted by Malcolm Rose he wanted me to pay tax first to get the money. I did not follow through with that and was contacted by Muhammed Ozar and he convinced me to use anydesk application so he could help me install a binance wallet in order to get my money. I them had to import some custom USDT asset with a special contract number (nothing like the real USDT as it seems) and he told me to put ETH there for 3K worth of Euro and he would put his custom USDT there and after waiting for 48 hrs the ETH would liquify the USDT to 6K worth of ETH. Well I did not want to use such kind of money and he agreed I could deposit 1K and he would do the same and the liquification would still work. Anyway I deposited my 1K worth of ETH and he put 1000 custom USDT and within hours the ETH have disappeared and the custom USDT was now 2000 (value according to coindesk 1$) So after 48 hrs waiting guess what, I cannot swap the custom USDT to any other real blockchain. and they try to convince me to increase the ETH again to 2000 so that the limit is reached to liquify the custom USDT, I am not doing it anymore and within a day I am being contacted by Kemal Atasever from BlockChain finance department and he wants me to go to my trust wallet and put 2k worth of ETH there so he can tranfer 2K USDT to me.
    After letting him know he can put money in my wallet everyday without me having to prove that I have the same value in ETH, after about 4 hrs later of endless whatsapp communications and trying to convince me to put money there he has given up since I won’t do it. This has cost me now 1250 euro and I am not giving any penny to them anymore. An expensive lesson learnt here. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM, DO NOT INVEST IN TRADE UNION PRO.

  23. Hello , can anyone please help me and guide me how to deactivate my account on Trade Union

  24. good day, I would like to ask if they are calling from the numbers +44 20 3996 2821. and if there is anything true about those taxes or is it a complete scam?

  25. This is how I suffered last year, during April and June, they cheated me of 21,000 eur, an investment of 4,000, after which commissions and blockchain payments of 17,000 eur, I bit her and the police do nothing, not that they simply cannot don’t do anything, I don’t think that in 2023 we don’t have the technology in the Romanian police to detect such criminals
    Asa am patit si eu anul trecut in perioada aprilie iunie m-au inselat de 21000 eur ,investitie de 4000 dupa care plati de comisioane si blockchain de 17.000eur, am muscat-o si politia nu face nimic , nu ca nu poate pur si simplu nu face nimic , nu cred ca in 2023 nu avem in politia romana tehnologia de a depista astfel de infractori

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