Green capitalz Review – 5 things you should know about

Green capitalz Review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! Green capitalz is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


Green capitalz is the worst type of scam broker – one that tries to pass as a licensed company by using somebody else’s license information. There is no way we would trust such a broker with our money – and you should not do it either. This is far from the only red flag we encountered while conducting our research – read the review to find out more.


Green capitalz is a scam broker that tries very hard to convince you that they are licensed and regulated. The broker states that it is licensed both by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, and by the FSCA in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

We have a few problems with that statement. First of all, the information you can see above was not a separate text on the broker’s website – it was a screenshot which seemed quite suspicious. Second of all, the regulatory authority for the non-banking financial sector in Dominica is not called FSCA but FSU (Financial Services Unit) – and this is a regulator that does not license forex brokers or monitor their activities. This means that Green capitalz could not be licensed in Dominica because no broker can be licensed in that country. This could not be a simple mistake because the broker repeated once again that it is regulated in Dominica in the Terms and Conditions.

On to the claim that this is a broker regulated by the FSCA of South Africa – a fairly reputable and stern financial authority that does license forex brokers and has certain requirements for them. A company with the name Marnic Financial Consultants LTD and with that license number did show up in the FSCA register – however, that company had a different phone number and was not a forex broker at all. Marnic Financial Consultants seems to specialize in insurance services. One of the South African addresses Green capitalz has featured on the website is the same as the one provided by the other company – the other one is not.

It is a huge offense to try and clone a licensed company without being licensed yourself – something Green capitalz is clearly trying to do. The broker is in no way licensed despite what they would have you believe – and they are extremely dangerous.

If you choose to work with a broker regulated in the UK, the EU, or Australia, you could be sure that you will be safe and would not get scammed. The activities of such brokers are closely monitored by reputable authorities like the UK’s FCA, Cyprus’s CySEC, and Australia’s ASIC – those regulators are there to make sure that the broker is conducting business in a transparent, legal manner. There are also many protections for clients of such brokers – for example, you could never lose more money than you have in your account because of the Negative Balance Protection Policy. Licensed brokers are obligated to prove their financial stability by maintaining a capital of at least €730 000 in the UK and the EU, and A$1 million in Australia – but in case that against all odds one of them goes bankrupt, you will be entitled to compensation (at least if you are a client of an EU or UK broker since compensation funds do not exist in Australia). The size of that compensation could be up to £85 000 in the UK and €20 000 in the EU. Finally, client funds are always kept in segregated bank accounts – which promotes transparency and proves that the broker would not be able to reinvest your money elsewhere, and speeds up withdrawals.


Green capitalz offers a web-based platform – one that provides a decent number of charting and analysis tools, and additional features.

And although this platform is not half-bad, we would in no way suggest that becoming a client of obvious scammers is worth it just because they offer a functional platform. Besides, platforms like industry-leaders MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are a far better choice – both of those are still user-friendly while also offering access to a full charting and analysis package and many exquisite additional features.


The maximum leverage Green capitalz claims to offer is 1:500 – however, for some reason, we could not see what leverage we personally were trading with. And since trading with high leverage enables you to make far bigger offers and subsequently take bigger risks, it could lead to one of two things – much bigger profits, or much bigger losses. If you want to turn those huge profits, however, you have to be experienced and willing to risk a considerable amount of your capital – trading with a leverage of 1:500 is not for novice traders or for the weak of heart.

The spreads we got on the broker’s platform were around 1.1 pips on EURUSD – which is great, especially considering the fact that supposedly no commissions are charged. However, a decent spread is no reason to turn to a scam broker – some such brokers even try and manipulate platforms so you could think they offer amazing conditions.

Finally, Green capitalz allows you to open an account for $250 – which might sound affordable if you are not familiar with the usual prices in the industry but is actually not that great. There are many licensed brokers who would open an account for as little as $5.


Green capitalz claims on the website that you would be able to deposit using a credit/debit card, or wire transfer – the truth is different. You could indeed transfer money via bank transfer but there was no card option – you could use the electronic payment solution Payeer but the broker seems to urge clients to deposit in crypto. This is a huge red flag – although many legitimate brokers have started accepting cryptocurrency payments, it is only scammers who would favor them. Such transactions are irreversible by default which means you would not be able to get a chargeback on your payment. Wire transfers are also not your best option if you would ever want to get a chargeback – such payments can be reversed but that is quite hard to do. Moreover, Green capitalz reserves the right to block your account and the money you have in it until “an investigation” is carried out.

Moreover, this broker reserves the right to change all of its fees without prior notice – so who knows what sort of crazy fees and commissions might appear in the future.


Such scams are rarely very imaginative – they usually follow the same pattern but still manage to trick a lot of people. This is mostly the result of people’s desire for fast, easy profits – something only a scammer can promise you – and poor fact-checking. Always read all terms carefully, and check license information – you should be completely sure you can trust your broker before depositing with them. Getting acquainted with how scams work is also a vital step if you want to avoid fraud.

It all starts with you seeing some sort of ad on the Internet for the broker’s website. You have surely heard of people getting rich by trading, or maybe you just get tempted by the promise of making profits with relatively little effort – scam brokers rarely mention the risks of trading, especially with zero knowledge, or provide you with educational material that could actually help you trade successfully. All you need to do, according to them, is deposit a certain amount of money, and you will see profits soon enough.

But you don’t even need to deposit to set the scam in motion – you just need to provide the scammers with your phone number and e-mail address. After that, they will not leave you alone before you deposit. And such people are well-versed in the art of smooth-talking – they are usually quite convincing and will persuade you to transfer the money in no time. Once you have deposited though, they will keep asking you for bigger and bigger deposits. And you will gladly invest more – because at this point you are probably turning a profit. However, once you try to withdraw those profits, matters will get complicated. The scammer will make up reasons why this is impossible – additional taxes or certain clauses in the Terms and Conditions, often related to bonuses. At some point, you will start figuring out something is wrong – but the scammers will be long-gone with your money by then.


Be advised that such stories rarely end with the client recovering their lost money – however, there are still some things you could do to recover it. More importantly, there are some things you could do to prevent further scams.

The first thing you should do is change all your banking passwords to make sure the scammers would not be able to get access to any more of your money. If you have installed any sort of remote access software and given scammers permission to access your computer, make sure to get rid of everything such people had you install. They probably claimed that installing such programs is necessary so they could help you but the truth is they just wanted access to your banking systems.

If you have deposited via Visa or MasterCard, ask your card provider for help – chargebacks are possible within 540 days. Notify the responsible authorities and make sure to share your story with other people – online, and in your circle of acquaintances. The more people know about this type of scam, the fewer people will become victims of scammers in the future.

Finally, don’t trust any company or person claiming they could recover your money for a fee – such “recovery agents” run another type of scam aimed at desperate people who have fallen victims to scam brokers. Sometimes those “agents” are the same people that robbed you in the first place.

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  1. Scam scam scam!!!!
    they took my money and there is no refund. I asked them to return only the invested and nothing. They’ve been dragging me for 2 months.

    1. Heb je no contact met hun

  2. I have invested 3000 euros at, and I have profit of 600, total 3600 euros, and they say you are not allowed to withdraw the money. That’s my own money. But they don’t want to make me sad. I really don’t know, what can I do best?
    Ik heb 3000 euro investering gedaan bij,en ik heb winst van 600, totaal 3600 euro, en ze zegen je mag niet de geld opnemen. Dat is mijn eige geld. Maar ze willen mij niet treug geven. Ik zou echt niet weten, wat kan ik het best doen ?

  3. I invest 1800€ and the website disappeared from one day to other! I lost the money and is Impossible to receive the money back… the only thing that we can do is to call an international lawyer in South Africa and open a dispute… If someone want to organize this action I’m in…

  4. I invested minimum. In 1 week, x2 apparently but they asked me to invest more. As I did not accept, the investment was lost and impossible to get my money back.

  5. I invested 250 euros. That first rose to almost 700 dollars, but I couldn’t just get it paid out and when I didn’t want to invest my own money again, my credit dropped to less than 3 euros in a few days. I’ve been trying to close my account for over 2 weeks now and have also requested that my data be destroyed, but I’m not getting any response to my emails. grrr. I’m very disappointed that I lost that money, but even more that I can’t close it. Does anyone have any tips?
    Ik heb 250 euro geïnvesteerd. Dat steeg eerst tot bijna 700 dollar maar ik kon het niet zomaar uitgekeerd krijgen en toen ik niet nog eens eigen geld wilde investeren daalde mijn tegoed in een paar dagen tot minder dan 3 euro. Ik ben nu al ruim 2 weken bezig mijn account op te heffen en heb ook verzocht mijn gegevens te vernietigen, maar ik krijg geen reactie op mijn e-mails. Grrr. Ik baal enorm dat ik die poen kwijt ben maar baal nog meer dat ik het niet kan afsluiten. Heeft iemand tips?

  6. Above all, do not invest in Green Capitalz it’s a SCAM!!!!
    Certainly the platform is attractive, the people who contact you friendly, but it is only a facade!!
    I bet the requested 250 euros. After a week the capital had risen to $512. Marvellous !
    By mistake, I attempted to withdraw funds, which immediately angered the broker, a certain Antoine Ménard, who told me that he was no longer interested in my profile and that he was going to reimburse me. Amazement!
    For a month still no refund despite my requests and they are unreachable by phone.
    The scam is clear, they encourage you to bet more and more money but they never return it to you. I filed a complaint against this Mr Ménard. We will see.
    N’investissez surtout pas chez Green Capitalz c’est une ARNAQUE !!!!
    Certes la plateforme est attractive, les gens qui vous contactent aimables, mais ce n’est qu’une façade !!
    J’ai misé les 250 euros demandes. Au bout d’une semaine le capital était passé à 512$. Merveilleux !
    Par erreur j’ai tenté un retrait de fonds ce qui a déclenché immédiatement la colère du broker, un certain Antoine Ménard qui m.a déclaré ne plus être intéressé par mon profil et qu’il allait me rembourser. Stupéfaction !
    Depuis un mois toujours pas de remboursement malgré mes demandes et ils sont injoignables par tel.
    L’arnaque est claire, ils vous incitent à miser de plus en plus d?argent mais ils ne vous le retournent jamais. J’ai déposé plainte contre ce Mr Ménard. Nous verrons.

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