Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. is definitely up to no good, if we are to judge it only by its website. The inclusion of third party charts all over, the reliance on templated design, the bad choice of colors, the limited and uninformative source of legal details, are all marks of the typical scam. In truth, is the common example of how NOT to proceed in this line of work.

Another sign of the risky broker is the ease with which it grants users access to is client portal. It took us seconds to open an account, and were were immediately led to a  colorful but ultimately dubious user area. The easy registration approach is purposeful; it allows anyone to enter and start depositing which is what scammers like yearn for.

We access a web trader, where the following tradeable assets were available: forex currency pairs, crypto, commodities, shares, NFTs, and indices. There EUR/USD cost of trade of 0.4 pips is actually relieved of any commission as indicated on the web trader itself; as for the site, it does not mention any commissions. But, as skeptics of suspicious brokers, we cannot expel the possibility that the spread has been manipulated in order to lure in clients.

The leverage was capped at 1:100. Speaking of the leverage, we must mention the 9 different account types on advertised on the website, each one with significantly different leverages. It is a very rare occasion when a scammer broker actually offers an account tier. Her with we were not asked to chose one, meaning that the website promotes a misleading and contradictory service.


We have a UK address that suggest the broker is active with the UK investor audience. Well, it only wishes it was. The realty is that is probably not even illegally operating from the UK because he regulations there are way to intact to be so easily broken. Moreover, is not licensed by the FCA (just to get this out there).

Fake UK address aside, the legal docs claim multiple times that the if the user does not abide by his own jurisdiction’s rules and regulation then he cannot access the brokerage site. This is one of the most common scammer claims that shifts the regulatory responsibility onto the user’s shoulders. is without a doubt unregulated and a big risk to all investors.

Unless you wish to throw your money away for no reason , there is absolutely no incentive for investing in unlicensed brokers. In fact, you would be doing them a big favor by funding their further fraudulent projects. If you wish to trade real FX and CFD with regulated brokers, looks no further that those that are regulated, especially in well known locations such as Europe, the UK, the US, or Australia. The regulators there are pedantic to a ridiculous degree and will do everything in their power to uphold the rights of the user and the integrity of the market industry. It is within their power to penalize brokers and demand client compensation, as well as to set industry standards and introduce new rules and regulation.


This web trader is gaining notoriety as a popular one amongst unregulated brokers, as the last couple of months have shown. The truth is that this broker is mostly visuals.

Perhaps the most impressive aspects to the web trader is the live news section and the market watch as well as the various chart tools. But ultimately it is not worht risking your finances just to interact with a limited web trader.


The user area presents a huge array of crypto wallets, bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, and some e-wallets, all used as payment methods. Most card options lead to some e-wallet, most of which were quite shady and not really to be trusted. Moreover, the minimum deposit is $1000, which is way too much. Consider the average industry minimum of $250, and you can see how far reaches.

In the withdrawal area, we learn that the payment methods are only three: bank, a BTC wallet, and a credit/debit card. The depositing methods are more than ten in totaal, and most of them are not used for withdrawing, conveying the fact that is not adhering to anti-money laundering laws.

No further details are added, nor are they needed. is a scam and a risk to all!


Getting scammed usually happens without you knowing it. It’s a deceivingly simple process that owes its success precisely because it seems so avoidable.

First, there is the matter of getting in contact with the broker which happens in one of two ways. Either it contacts you, or you it. If it calls, it means that somewhere in your net journey you accidently left a phone number or an email address. Or you were persuaded by the broker to contact it, which is why many scammer brokerage sites looks so appealing.

The hardest thing to achieve, for a fraudster, is to convince a user to invest an initial deposit. Prior to this a certain level of trust must be built, centered around a false sense of rapport. The broker will fake an interest in the user and in the process talk about market and profit opportunities, as well as investment choices. It’s all a part of a retaining strategy that will keep the user invested for at least a couple of thousand dollars, on average, until, eventually, he realizes the scammer pit he has fallen in.

When this happens, the broker will seize all contact with the user, and might even block the client from the website. It will go to great lengths not to return a single penny of the user’s money.


The first thing you should do it to file for a charge back. That’s if you have invested by means of a credit or debit card. MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days giving users more than enough time to try to get their money back.

Wire transfer deposits are not as easy to acquire, and the best advice we can give you is to set up a reimbursement strategy with the bank leading the transactions. Most banks have strategies put in motion when these circumstances are met. Furthermore, if scammed via a wire transfer, it’s best to change your bank account user name and password.

Unfortunately, all crypto deposits are most surely lost for good. These transactions are untraceable and therefore once they reach the scammer end it all depends on the fraudsters if you see your money back or not.

Lastly, do not trust recovery agents or agencies. These are either separate scammers trying to get a hold of any leftovers, or can even be an extension of the brokerage scam!

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  1. I believe I am to a victim of a scam , a pretty expensive one at that.

    Is there a number I can call someone on if I need advice pls

  2. I can confirm that is a scam, they are not to be trusted. I trade on legitimate trading websites, including crypro so trust me when I say that they operate a scam business. Their so called “brokers” don’t speak with a heavy indian accent so it’s easier to trust them, but don’t be fooled, they are criminals and I hope they will get shut down and thrown behind bars.

  3. This is a very serious criminal group . These guys lie, over and over again. I too fell victim to . I feel like a complete fool and failure. I was hopeful but careful, I thought. I have been betrayed, deceived and robbed of my life savings. The well being of me and my 3 kids is de-railed. And some creepy guy with a hushed voice keeps calling me and promising to retrieve my lost funds if I pay him. The police have done nothing for me. betrayed, am past anger and in restless shame now. This can really send a person over
    the edge.

  4. I have repeatedly requested by deposit refunded.
    This is a Scam!!!! No doubt!!!

    But how we all get our funds returned? Can’t just let them get away with this eh?

    1. Hi Clive totally agree.

      What can we do?

  5. I have been scammed by pro investments of £53000 and no way of getting this back as I paid through bitcoin wallet I’m at wits end where can I go to get this back

  6. hi. i have recently been scammed by pro investments. wished i had seen this site first. i deposited 250 gbp and got 74 gbp back, then invested 2500 and got 500 back this is when i smelt a rat as they wanted 10,000. lots of calls later and different people. i was told that i would have to put more money to get some out. they have now blocked me from their site and i have lost just over 2 grand

  7. These guys costed me 17.580 EURO besides a lot of stress and time.. May they all rot in hell the sooner the better!
    When I sent an email to ProInvestment to get more info around july they called me within 15 mins after I pressed the send button! As I liked the idea of professionals monitoring the money markets 24-7 spotting the best deals, I opened a standard account for which you’ll need to bring EUR 5000 to the table. After this, the account went up surprisingly well with EUR 500 profits in a weeks time on trades like “Natural gas” which was still quite explainable.

    Like 3 weeks after they told me that they charge 30% on a regular account, however only 10% on a Students’ account.. As the business went really well and profit went up to a few 1000 EUR, I deposited another EUR 8000 into the account and upgraded to Student account.
    I should have known better as they did not accept credit card payments which would have protected me a lot better.. No. they insisted on bitcoin payments to one of their wallets.
    As profits were still very high, I told them: Show me the money! Organise a payback transfer. They deposited a 18.8k to my account however I needed to pay them the 10% fee first (+ EUR2000 in bitcoin). Then I received a fake mail from stating they performed an anti money laundering check, and I needed to perform them a Proof Of Funding (POF) worth of 30% of the 18.8k EUR to demontstrate I did have the money to receive this 18.8k and not being involved in money laundering. It needed to be exactly 30% of the sum, again in bitcoin and.. I should wire it to ProInvestment bitcoin wallet (…). They told me it wasn’t a payment but the money would return to my wallet instantly next to the 18.8k which was put on hold by fake AML officer Adam Perkins.
    So guess what happened. ProInvestment accountmanager assisted me, and he wired not the exact amount but something less.. So the fake AML officer asked for another POF transfer to.. that very same ProInvestment bitcoin wallet!! Also, immediately profits on my account went down to an all time low as if they were afraid I would ask again for a rollback transaction

    This is where I stepped out of it and replied that the email address ([email protected]) and logo were totally fake.
    Please, please be alert! They have more than 5 people working for them speaking English at a very acceptable level and willing to help you set up wallets, buy and sell bitcoins etc. That did the trick for me I simply could not believe they were so well organised..

    These guys costed me 17.580 EURO besides a lot of stress and time.. May they all rot in hell the sooner the better!

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