Beware! WintersnowFx is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


We were able to recognize that WintersnowFx is a fake broker from the get-go, because this website is just another version of a scam we have already encountered – But even if we had not seen the other faces of this fraud, there is ample evidence that WintersnowFx is not the established and trustworthy broker it claims to be. Let’s look at the clues.


The first thing to inform yourself about when choosing a broker is what its regulatory status is. Licensed brokers provide detailed information about which company runs them, where it is based, which jurisdictions it is authorised in and which regulatory bodies oversee its activities. Regulated financial services providers are also required to provide a comprehensive set of legal documentation.

The complete lack of legal information and documentation on the WintersnowFx website is very indicative that this is not an authorised financial services provider. There is not even an office address listed on the website, and the only method of contact is email.

Only after installing the available trading software and looking at the registration information do we see that the company Wintersnow Limited is based in Hong Kong.

However, a check of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) database shows that Wintersnow Limited is not among the licensed forex brokers. This means that even if the company is indeed based there, it is not authorised for such activities.

Registering a new Wintersnow account is only possible if you have a reference code. This is not at all typical for genuine forex brokers, which usually allow easy demo account creation. But we have seen this with scammers who pick up potential victims by spamming social networks and online forums.

If you have decided to invest in financial instruments, and especially if you are a novice trader, you should use the services of a licensed broker based in a jurisdiction with strong regulations. Depending on your location, it is advisable to choose a company that is regulated by an institution such as Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in US, Australian Securities and Exchanges Commission (ASIC), UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or some EU regulator like Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Clients of these brokers receive protections such as negative balance protection and segregation of the client’s funds from the broker’s funds.  In the EU and the UK, brokers must also participate in guarantee schemes that cover a certain amount of the trader’s investment if the broker becomes insolvent. These guarantees amount to up to 20 000 EUR in the EU and 85 000 GBP in the UK. However, the likelihood of such a bankruptcy is low because regulators also have significant net capital requirements that companies must maintain – EUR 730 000 in UK and Cyprus, AUD 1000 000 in Australia and at least 20 million USD in the United States.


Although WintersnowFx  is obviously not a real broker, the website offers real trading software, and the most widely used in the industry at the moment – MetaTrader 5 (MT5):

It should be noted that the presence of some kind of trading software is no guarantee that this is a genuine broker. Financial scammers often use trading platforms to fool their victims that their money is actually being invested. However, this trading is entirely fictitious and the money goes directly into the scammers’ pockets.

It is advisable to contact one of the many legitimate brokers that offer MT5 or the still very popular MT4. These platforms have established themselves as leaders because they offer a wide range of features, including a wide variety of options for customization, multiple account usage, designing and implementing custom scripts for automated trading and backtesting trade strategies.


On the website, we see a statement that the WintersnowFx is offering trading in CFD products from six asset classes, including foreign exchange, stock, spot index, futures, spot precious metals and spot energy.

At the same time, however, no information has been provided on the terms of trade. Legitimate forex brokers usually offer several types of trading accounts tailored to clients with different experience, capital and investment intentions. They also provide detailed information on all trading parameters such as leverage, spread, commissions, order execution method.

Given the lack of a Customer Agreement and other documentation, you have no way of knowing what terms you are agreeing to when you work with WintersnowFx. In such circumstances it would be very unwise to put your money on the line.

There is no reason to take such a risk, given that for a very low minimum deposit you could open a starter account with a licensed and regulated broker.


WintersnowFx claims to offer multiple payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including wire transfer, debit/credit card and unspecified online payments. We had no way of confirming this. Experience with such scam schemes shows that they rarely use conventional payment methods, whatever they claim. Most of them only use cryptocurrency transactions because they don’t allow the defrauded person to ask for a refund.


With all the buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies and NFTs, many people are starting to consider investing in the financial markets as a bid to improve their fortunes. Scammers on the internet have taken notice of that and take advantage of the ignorance of the general public by creating countless websites posing as brokers. These websites offer no real brokerage services and only deceive people into believing that their money is really being invested.

If you come across such a scam website and give out your contacts, you will be contacted by experienced scammers who will convince you that they can take on all the frighteningly complex aspects of investing for you. But you will never get any real profits, nor will you be able to get back the money you deposited. The terms and conditions of these websites are riddled with clauses that make withdrawing funds from your account unfeasible – for example, extremely high minimum trading volume requirements or hefty fees of 10%, 20% or even more of the amount.

Scammers hide behind fake addresses and names and operate through offshore companies that are not subject to regulation and scrutiny. So even if all the withdrawal requirements are met, they may simply disappear and move on to their next fraudulent scheme.


It is very important not to rush into trusting people on the internet who offer to magically refund your money for a fee. These are also scammers, and they may even be the same ones who scammed you in the first place.

If you have made the transfers using credit or debit card, you can claim a chargeback. Visa and MasterCard allow this to be done within 540 days. However, such a request may not be approved if you have given the fraudsters documents such as a copy of an ID and proof of address. This will allow them to claim that the transaction is legitimate and approved by both parties.

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  1. This broker is fake. You can not withdraw your money after investing. Be aware and report this website and this broker.

  2. I have been scammed by wintersnow. They manipulate the trading data to make me loss almost 500k and claim that I still owe them 240k. They threaten to take action to collect money from me. Not sure what legal action I can take since they are oversea

    1. Hello, I had the same issue with them.
      They request me to pay back the negative balance.

  3. This is scammer company wintersnow limited (, Intervate capital management and eldertone capital server all this 3 are the same with different name.

    i cannot withdraw money my from trading account of wintersnow , they asking to deposit additional 10% of total amount available in my trading account.
    customer service WhatsApp: +447833128706
    Zhangwating who came in contact me ((+85246237560).
    [email protected]

  4. wintersnow limited, intervate capital, elderton capital are scammer.. they said you can withdraw the money if you do the transaction and after that you have to pay taxes to withdraw your money.. but you will not get your money back.. wintersnow is a scam using a honey trap from social media, tinder and they want to get to know you first become your friend and steal your heart and later the will steal your money..

    1. An information please, I was contacted by this chat fir investig here +44 7593 062233
      How about you, is it thr same?
      Thank you for information.

  5. Wintersnow limited is a fake company don’t invest you will loose all of your investment through this fake company

  6. Hi dear

    Wintersnowfx iThis is a fake company which is cheating people and i have also invested in it so first time transaction i just did 500$ dollar which they sent to my account as withdrawal later when i used to withdraw six thousand from it If I tried then they said first you deposit 3000$ then only you can withdraw, just when I said that I will not deposit then they said you will not be able to withdraw money

    Be aware guys it is big cyber scam

    And I want to tell you singing any unknown person will contact you on whatsapp or telegram and tell about it And will ask you to download this application, after that he will give you some training, you will start making money in your starting, then he will tell you to deposit a little, then you can get more profit, after that you deposit land after You will be able to withdraw only 100$ or $ 200, but when you think of withdrawing a large amount, it will not be withdrawn, then in the customer care service chatting it will say that you have to deposit $ 3000, only after that you can withdraw.

    So be aware guys

    1. Did u secceed get ur money
      Did u try to pay them the tax
      Is somebody seccedd to get is money after paying the tax

  7. They will not let me withdrawal my money.. I wish someone would arrest these people and end their fraud.

  8. Winter snow broker also Froud with me amount of 1000 dollars. now they are not returning my money. My number has also been blocked. account was also inactivated on MT5. even no response from their on emails and I have requested the payment withdrawal request before 30 days and no response and they are fake and scammer. So, please provide the information How I can complain against them.

  9. Has anyone ever been successful with a withdrawal? Money is still showing in my MT% account, can a withdrawal be made? I even have an email stating the withdrawal was approved. Any suggestions?

    1. Hard nosed businessman

      Do not trust this company unless you have money to waste. Anyone who intentionally signs up to them is either uninformed or participating.

    2. Me too they want me to pay 3077usd tax and then they will send my money anybody try to send the the tax and they give him his money? Is everyone knowe an korean girl and she lern him this site like me? I see this is way they act

    3. Im have the same proplem there want me to pay tax so i can withdrawal the money for the second time.

  10. I have now 291000 usd, but I dont know where is my money, I dont know my meta5 account, its disconected and my all money scammed
    Start from .–opson international
    Then transfer
    Obfx globaltech
    Then tranfer
    Wintersnow server–mt5 account—90608
    Now my account is disappear and disconected and have been scammed totally and now my all money and fund disappear

    I am very unhappy with mt5,,,how meta5 given permission to work such type of fraud and scammed companies, too many innocent peoples suffered a lots

    1. An information please, I was contacted by this chat for investig there +44 7593 062233
      How about you, is it thr same?
      Thank you for information.

    2. Same as me . The girl who is can’t with me and lead me to deposit all of my money. She steal my heart pretend to help me and my boy . Now unable to withdraw unless I pay more money

  11. I did the same paid the “required” commission application fee and would get money; later received email stating taxes had to be paid for the funds $10,000; then I would receive my entire funds. Namel by the broker his name Adam from London?

  12. Is anyone success getting back the money after paying the 10%tax. Please help.

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