DtpFx Ltd Review – 5 things you should know about dtpfxltd.com

DtpFx Ltd Review – 5 things you should know about dtpfxltd.com

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Beware! DtpFx Ltd is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


DtpFx Ltd claims to be “one of largest forex and cryptocurrency brands around” and promises that it works “hard to make sure clients make the best trading and investment decisions”. However, it did not take us long to realize that this is nothing more than another fraudulent broker that only has its own best interests in mind – and those interests will surely be quite the opposite of your own. Read our review on the broker to find out why investing with them would be a horrible financial decision.


DtpFx Ltd has provided two contact addresses – one in the UK, and one in the US. In the meantime, the broker does not provide any sort of license information. We would like to point out that the UK financial regulator, the FCA, has even recently issued a warning on this broker stating that they are not authorized to offer services in the country and that its clients would not be protected by the law.

Such a warning is a clear indicator that we are dealing with a scam broker.

It would be much safer to turn to a broker with a UK, EU, or Australian license. Such brokers are all but anonymous – they are required to conduct business in a far more transparent manner, and report to authorities regularly. They also have to prove that their company is financially stable by maintaining a certain minimum operational capital – €730 000 in the UK and the EU, and A$1 million in Australia. Client funds are kept in segregated bank accounts – so you can be sure that the broker could not use your money for their own purposes and reinvest it without your knowledge. Negative balance protection is a must – which means you could never suffer losses exceeding the amount of money you have in your account. Leverage restrictions protect investors from bigger losses they could handle while a bonus ban and a binary options ban keep scams at bay. Additionally, UK and EU brokers are obligated to provide funds for compensation schemes so if a broker goes bankrupt, each of their clients could receive a compensation of up to €20 000 in the EU and £85 000 in the UK depending on the size of their investment.


When we tried to open an account with DtpFx Ltd, we were instantly urged to provide copies of personal documents in order to verify our account. And while each and every broker would ask you to verify your account at some point, it is only a scammer who would ask that you do so right off the bat. Most brokers prefer to let you see what they have to offer first and ask for your personal documents a bit later – usually before a withdrawal. But scammers like DtpFx Ltd might use the fact that you have verified your account against you – they will claim that you were informed about all risks and only lost money because of your own bad decisions and not because of a scam. They might even attempt identity theft – dealing with fraudulent enterprises is definitely no joke.

Since we could not open an account, we were also unable to see if the broker offers any sort of functional trading software. Our advice would be to turn to a broker who can offer a decent trading platform – check out these brokers who offer MetaTrader 4. This platform remained the most popular in the trading world for years and considering how accessible and highly functional it is, it is easy to see why. MT4 provides access to a full charting and analysis package, on top of many additional features – Expert Advisors that trade automatically, the possibility to create custom scripts, and signals, the chance to purchase add-ons and VPSs, a Strategy Tester, and much more.


We would only have to believe the information DtpFx Ltd about its trading conditions on its website – after all, we were not allowed to open an account. The broker claims that you can open an account for $500 (or $300, we encountered both numbers) which is actually a lot. Many legitimate brokers offer Micro accounts that are very affordable – you could easily open an account for as little as $10.

Without access to an actual platform, we cannot confirm that the leverage and spreads that the broker advertises are anywhere close to reality. But since DtpFx Ltd did mention that their minimum spreads are 3.3 pips, we would like to point out that this is a lot – you would have to pay at least $33 for every lot you trade with this broker. Better check out legitimate brokers like XM, OctaFX, or FXTM – all of them offer amazing spreads.


DtpFx Ltd states that it currently works “with payment systems such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Payeer, Perfect Money“. Without access to an actual account, we cannot confirm or deny this information. However, we would like to point out that scammers would often urge you to deposit in crypto and would only accept this payment method despite all their claims of alternatives. The reasons for that are simple – such transactions cannot be reversed which means that you would never be able to get a chargeback on your payment. In addition to that, this broker stated that it charges withdrawal fees – but did not specify the size of those which means that they might be huge.

The likelihood of you not being able to retrieve your money if you deposit with this broker is huge – which is why we urge you not to deposit with them as a whole.


Read the following paragraphs carefully – such scams have become quite the industry in recent years which is why it is important to know how they work in order to protect yourself from them.

It all starts innocently enough – you see an ad on the Internet for a broker who promises you fast, secure returns and entry into a life of luxury. Maybe you have heard about people earning a month’s pay by trading – so you decide to check out the website, and set up an account. After all, there is no harm in seeing what the company has to offer – and those promises are often extremely attractive. The moment you give the scammers your phone number or email, they will constantly be trying to get in touch with you and make you invest. Keep in mind that these are professional scammers so they can be very convincing. Once you have made your first deposit – and if they don’t run off with your money immediately – the scammers will ask you for bigger and bigger deposits. And you will gladly transfer this money since you will probably be turning a profit – on a manipulated platform.

Once you try to withdraw, however, you will run into trouble – the broker will make up reasons why this cannot happen – be it additional taxes, or shady clauses in the Terms and Conditions. At some point, you will figure out something is wrong – but the broker will be long-gone by then. Don’t count on them returning any of your calls.


Keep in mind that, sadly, there is not a big chance of you getting your money back. There are, however, some things you can do – and hope for the best.

Firstly, change all the passwords and banking details you have given the scammers access to. If you have given them remote access to your computer, remove the software immediately.

If you have deposited using Visa or MasterCard, file for a chargeback – both card providers try to fight scams and allow such chargebacks within 540 days. Retrieving money if you have used a wire transfer, or an electronic payment solution is much harder – but still, contact your bank or payment method provider to see if anything can be done.

Notify authorities, and share your story online and in your acquaintance circle – this way, more people will know about such scams and try to stay away from them.

Finally, don’t trust any “recovery agents” promising to hunt down the scammers and retrieve your money for a fee – this is just another type of scam.

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