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Beware! is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers. seems like a scam even at first glance. While they offer a decent platform and great spreads, their minimum deposit is very high and the leverage they promise would be illegal in the jurisdiction where they are supposedly based. This broker is definitely not licensed – on the contrary, they are pretty anonymous, do not offer any sort of legal documentation, and only accept irreversible Bitcoin deposits. All of these things point to one thing only – is a scam best avoided. REGULATION AND SAFETY OF FUNDS states that they are based in the UK – although whole segments of their website were in Russian and it was clear that this is a scam targeting Russian customers. The broker could not be found in the register on the FCA – the UK financial authority which just so happens to be one of the best and most reputable in the world. This means that is not allowed to offer financial services in the UK and that it is fully unlicensed. Working with such brokers means taking a huge risk – since you would not be entitled to any protections and could not be sure that the broker will treat you fairly and in accordance with the law. In fact, choosing such a broker would most definitely lead to big financial losses.

Working with a broker regulated by the FCA, ASIC, or any reputable EU authority (the Cypriot regulator CySEC, in particular, has built a solid reputation when it comes to regulating forex brokers) is a safe bet. Such brokers are all but anonymous and have to regularly report to authorities to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Client money must be kept separate from the broker’s funds – account segregation means faster withdrawals and proves that the broker could not use your money for their own purposes. The Negative Balance Protection Policy prevents you from losing more money than you have in your trading account. Last but not least, all licensed brokers have to prove their financial stability by maintaining some sort of minimum operational capital – A$1 million in Australia and €730 000 in the UK and the EU. TRADING SOFTWARE offers access to a fairly decent web-based trading platform:

The software was easy to use and offered access to a fair number of indicators and charting tools as well as to common features such as Stop Loss/Take Profit. We would definitely not say that this is the best trading platform we have encountered but we cannot say that it is the worst either. However, since is clearly a scam broker, we cannot endorse opening an account with them – even if their trading platform is not bad in itself.

We would recommend you to turn to a reliable broker who offers MetaTrader 5 – not only is this the most popular platform in the industry but, because of constant updates and the addition of new features, the platform only seems to gain more and more love in the community. In the future, MT5 will probably become even more prevalent which is why you should definitely get acquainted with it. The platform offers a huge number of technical indicators, tools like Expert Advisors, customizable signals, and Strategy Testers, netting and hedging options, a community chat where you could exchange strategies, and much more. TRADING CONDITIONS seemed to offer good spreads and high leverage – but the sum they asked you to invest in order to open an account was outrageous. This broker demands that you deposit at least $5000 in order to open the most basic sort of account – when few brokers would ask for $250 these days. In fact, opening an account with a legitimate broker for as little as $10 is fully possible.

As mentioned, spreads were pretty good at 0.9 pips on EURUSD. However, it is not uncommon for scammers to manipulate platforms in order for them to show amazing results – you can just never be sure with such scammers.

The leverage we got access to was 1:500 and could not change from anywhere. And while trading with such high leverage might be tempting – after all, it could lead to huge profits, you should not forget that UK brokers – and is supposed to be a UK broker – can only offer up to 1:30 on forex majors to retail traders. The reason for that is that trading with high leverage could result in much bigger losses – especially if you are not experienced enough yet. In such cases and in volatile market conditions, it is much better to stick to lower, safer rates. DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWAL METHODS AND FEES only accepts Bitcoin deposits. This is just another clear sign that we are dealing with a scam broker – all crypto transactions are irreversible which means that if you have already deposited, the chances of getting your money back are not huge. This is exactly why scam brokers would often urge their clients to deposit in crypto. Only use this payment method with people and organizations that have proven to be reliable.

Since the broker did not provide us with any sort of Terms and Conditions, we cannot say for sure what sort of additional fees it charges – but do not be surprised if those turn out to be quite huge. Such brokers would usually rob you in each and every possible way.


Scams like this one are becoming more and more prominent – they rely on people’s desire to make fast money without putting a lot of effort in. That is why it is important to know how you can tell apart a fully legitimate broker from a scammer and learn more about how such scams generally function.

All brokers promise certain things and try to advertise their services to their best capabilities – but all legitimate companies also provide statistics on how many people have lost money while trading with them. Scammers, on the other hand, promise guaranteed fast profits and a life of luxury. You will probably stumble upon the scam broker’s website randomly – or you might be pursued via phone or e-mail and asked to open an account. Maybe you have heard of people earning a living by trading – so you decide to set up such an account. The moment you provide the scammers with your phone number or email (if they have not already obtained it somehow), they will not leave you alone before you make an investment. These are professional smooth-talkers who scam people for a living – which means that they can be very convincing. Once you have made your first deposit, the scammers will ask you for bigger and bigger sums. You might even be happy to deposit more money because, at this early stage, you will be turning a profit – scam brokers are good at manipulating results to make it seem like you are doing great.

The problems will start the moment you try to withdraw those profits – the broker will start making up reasons why this is impossible. – Usually, new, shady clauses in the Terms and Conditions will appear – you might be asked to reach some unattainably high turnover threshold or pay a high withdrawal fee. At some point, you will figure out something is wrong – and that is when the broker will stop answering your calls and e-mails and just disappear.


We should warn you that the chances of you getting your money back if you have already been scammed are slim -prevention is key in the world of online brokers. Choosing a legitimate company that holds an official license and has proven its reliability is essential. There are, however, still some things you can do if you have already been scammed.

Make sure to notify your bank that you have been scammed. Change all the passwords you have provided the scammers with. If you have given them remote access to your computer, remove the software immediately. Scam brokers usually claim that you need to install such software so they could help you with software set-up – or even help you trade – but their actual objective is to get access to your banking systems and steal even more money.

If you have deposited with Visa or MasterCard, ask for a chargeback immediately – both card providers allow such chargebacks within 540 days.

Notify the responsible authorities, and share your story with as many people as possible – this way, more people will know about such scams and learn how to avoid them.

Finally, don’t trust any “recovery agents” promising to retrieve your money for a fee – this is just another type of scam targeting scam victims. Often enough, the recovery agency is run by the same people who scammed you in the first place.

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