Regain Capital Review – 5 things you should know about

Regain Capital Review – 5 things you should know about

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Beware! Regain Capital is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.


There is a chance, although slim, that Regain Capital is a broker that is actually regulated by an offshore regulator. The other option is that they are using another company’s license information. They are surely using another company’s trading terminals without permission which makes the situation far from ideal. The trading conditions the broker offers are also not great – high minimum deposit amount is required, and the spreads are fairly wide.

Invest with this broker at your own responsibility – the chances of them running a scam are high.


Regain Capital claims to be based on the Seychelles and regulated by the local Financial Services Authority. However, we have the suspicion that the broker is using another company’s license information. The contact information and domain of the regulated company and of the broker we are reviewing did not match.

The two brokers might or might not be run by the same company. And even if they are, a Seychelles license is hardly the most solid proof of a broker’s reliability. Local brokers have to maintain a fairly small operational capital of $50 000 but that money does not need to stay in the bank – it can be used for the broker’s daily activities. All local brokers must incorporate a local company with 2 shareholders and 2 directors, but the same person can act as a shareholder and a director. Finally, client money and broker money do not have to be segregated.

Better put your trust in a regulated UK, EU, or Australian company – such brokers must meet many requirements before obtaining a license, and risk getting a huge fine if they don’t conduct business in accordance with some strict laws. For example, all client deposits must be kept in segregated accounts – this ensures that the broker would not be able to use your money for their own financial operations and speeds up withdrawal. All transactions must be thoroughly documented and reported on a regular basis to ensure transparency. There are also some capital requirements – licensed brokers in the EU and the UK must have at least €730 000 of operational capital, while those in Australia have to maintain a capital of at least A$1 million. Negative balance protection is a must – you can never lose more money than you have in your account.


Supposedly, Regain Capital offers access to both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 – the two leading platforms in the industry. However, when we checked the terminals’ ownership information, we quickly established that these terminals do not belong to this broker. They were instead owned by a company called Top Wealth International Limited that is based in New Zealand.

As far as we could tell, the two companies had nothing in common – the e-mails, phone numbers and domains did not match. This means that Regain Capital does not really offer its own trading terminals.

We definitely recommend trying out MT4 and MT5 – there is a reason why these have been the most popular platforms in the trading industry for years. Once you try the software, it will be easy for you to understand why it is so beloved. Both versions feature tools like Expert Advisors, customizable signals, VPSs, a market for trading apps, possibilities for creating your own trading bots and indicators, etc. Once you try MT, you will never look back – so don’t hesitate to look up brokers offering one or both of the platforms.

Here is what a standard MT4 terminal looks like:


Regain Capital was not super specific when it comes to trading conditions information. The broker even asked us to agree to its Terms and Conditions without giving us the chance to read them first. That is a huge red flag – all sorts of devious clauses could be lurking inside those Terms and Conditions.

It seemed like the broker asked for a minimum deposit of $1000 in order to open an account for you – which is an enormous amount for a basic account. Most legitimate brokers offer very affordable accounts these days – you would be able to start trading with as little as $10.

Regain Capital offers a maximum leverage of 1:100 which is quite high. Keep in mind that leverage is often called a “two-edged sword” for a reason – trading with high rates could lead to bigger profits and bigger losses alike. Offshore brokers are generally free to offer any leverage they see fit – which is why it is up to you as a client to choose leverage that is suitable for you and your experience level.

The spreads the broker offered stuck around 2 pips on EURUSD which is hardly impressive. There are much better brokers who can offer spreads under 1.5 pips and sometimes even under 1 pip on their basic accounts. Moreover, this is not Regain Capital’s own terminal – so we cannot even say that these are the spreads offered by this specific broker.


Regain Capital would not allow us to make a deposit before we had verified our account. That is why we were unable to establish which deposit methods this broker accepts. However, since we are fairly positive that the broker is not reliable, we would advise you against transferring any money to them. Keep in mind that many scammers urge their clients to deposit in crypto since such payments are irreversible and you would not be able to get a chargeback under any circumstances. Avoiding transferring money to shady companies is in your best interest.


You might think that not many people fall for such scams, but you would be dead wrong – some scams are quite elaborate and have managed to fool a lot of people. That is why it is important to know what to expect and look for in order to spot a scam broker from a mile away.

The scam starts with an ad on the Internet promising you an easy gateway to forex trading or investing – the only thing you would have to do is open an account with the broker. You know that there are people who trade for a job and that even regular Joes manage to earn a nice side income through trading and wonder why not the same, there is no harm in trying. So, you give in and provide the scammers with your contact details.

This is the moment when you will start getting constant calls and emails asking you to deposit – even if you have only opened a demo account. At some point, since everything seems legitimate, you do deposit and, in the beginning, things might be looking great. The profits you were promised come soon but you should remember that it is easy for scammers to manipulate platforms to make it look like you are turning a profit. But you will be asked to keep on investing – and you would have no problem doing that because you will be smooth-talked into it by people who scam others for a living.

But when you try to withdraw, you will start running into different obstacles – obscure clauses in the Terms and Conditions preventing you from withdrawing, additional fees and taxes, and weird procedures. At some point, you would not be able to deny the fact you have been scammed – but it will be too late. The scammers will disappear and stop answering your calls and emails and leave you wondering what to do.


So, what can be done in case you have already deposited?

Be prepared that there is a rather high chance that you would never see your money again. There is, however, still hope to retrieve it especially if you have deposited with a credit or debit card – both Visa and MasterCard allow chargebacks within 540 days of the transaction. Moreover, there are some things you absolutely have to do in order to avoid further losses of money.

Change all passwords and banking details you have provided the scammers with and remove all sorts of remote access software if you have installed such. Some scammers would promise to help you trade or resolve different problems if you only install such software – their actual agenda is to get access to your computer and all your passwords and information.

Don’t trust any so-called “recovery agents” who offer to retrieve your money for a fee – this is just another type of scam targeting desperate scam victims, often conducted by the same people that are behind your “broker”.

Make sure to notify authorities and try to share your story online, or with your acquaintances – the more people know about such scams and how they function, the lower the success rate they will have.

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