AstroPay forex brokers – list of brokers accepting AstroPay

Broker Country Rating Min. Deposit Website
UK, Cyprus, Australia4.98/5$5Click for a special offerWebsite
US4.95/5$50Click for a special offerWebsite
Australia4.90/5$100Click for a special offerWebsite
UK, Australia4.85/5$50Click for a special offerWebsite

AstroPay Card is a prepaid virtual card, quite popular in some Latin American countries like Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Lately, AstroPay is also expanding its presence in China and India as well.

With AstroPay Card basically you can pay on the internet. What makes the method so popular, however, is the feature that you do not have to share your personal information, when making an online transaction.

And besides, there are no transaction fees, as they are all covered by the merchant or the respective website operator.

Also, the method is considered rather safe and completely anonymous, as the merchant, as we mentioned, is not getting any details of your personal data.

And that makes AstroPay Card a perfect option in countries, where you can not get an internationally valid credit card as well.

AstroPay Card is owned and operated by AstroPay LLP, a British company founded in 2009, which also operates AstroPay Direct, which supports payments in local currency. On top of that AstroPay LLP offers merchants offshore settlements solutions.

AstroPay Brokers

Broker Country Rating Min. Deposit Website
Australia4.90/5$100Click for a special offerWebsite