Best Forex Bonuses 2024

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Bonuses can be a great incentive as they encourage traders to interact with the broker and dedicate their time to trading and expanding their knowledge. Despite the positive sides, bonuses can also be risky in nature because of the complex requirements that they entail. The prospect of getting a head by means of a bonus may seem like a solid plan, but one must consider the risks associated with it.

There are some main bonus categories that make the bulk of most FX broker bonuses. Brokers that have some sort of bonus scheme most often than naught offer at least one of the following.

  • Welcome Bonus: This bonus is applied to the first investment a client makes and only to it, and is by choice. It adds a percentage on top of the invested capital. However, this is trading margin that can rarely be withdrawn, and if it can it’s usually locked behind very demanding bonus conditions.
  • No-Deposit Bonus: Just as the name suggest, the no deposit bonus grants the user a bonus sum that can be traded with but not withdrawn. It usually opens up the user to what the broker has to offer without the need for the client to invest. The best part is that all profit generated from this bonus is withdrawable, given the client followed the bonus conditions carefully. Can be called the Registration bonuses at times, that is granted without the need to register, but is quite.
  • Loyalty Program: More of a tier system than a bonus, this essentially incentivizes the user to deposit and trade in exchange for loyalty points that can be swapped for prizes, cash, and trading benefits.
  • Cashback Bonus or rebate: This one is fairly simple. The client gets a fixed sum, or a percentage, in cashback for every lot he or she trades. The amount of money, and the tier system behind it, as well as the lot requirement depends entirely on the broker.
  • Refer a Friend Bonus: Here the user is paid a given amount for each friend or relative referred to the program. However, in many cases the referred person must complete a set of requirements before the referee can be paid.
  • Contests and Races: Most major brokers announce and organize major events, either online or off, that tend to reward customer dedication and participation. However, these are mainly catered to competitive users, as the brokers launch lucrative contests and races all of which have to do with one side or sides of trading. Winners get big rewards such as cars, luxurious objects, high tech gadgetry, or cash prizes.

Absolutely all bonuses are burdened by specific bonus terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled with due diligence, and any small slip up will result in the annulation of the bonus.

Moreover, bonuses are prohibited on mainland Europe, the UK, the United States, and in other major FX centers and jurisdictions. The following brokers offer bonuses only by way of their offshore regulated branches, which showcases the amount of authority they have.


The $50 Non-Deposit Trading Bonus. This one is open to all new clients and is automatically activated, giving the use a $50 head start in his or her trading game. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, but all profits from it can be.

The 50% up to $500 / 20% up to $4500 Bonus: This one is self explanatory. Invest above $5 and the user can increase his or her trading margin by either 50 or 20 percent. The deposit sum is not withdrawable.

XM Loyalty Program: Active users generate XMP (XM Points) after per lot trading, which are used to gain credit bonus prizes and pickups. Clients increase their Loyalty Status (level) the more days they trade. The credits gained from the XM Points can be used for trading but cannot be withdrawn.

Refer a Friend Bonus: Earn as much as $35 per friend referral. The money is withdrawable after the friend completes a set of conditions.

XM VPS: Expert Advisor trading made available to all clients who have at least $500 or more in their accounts at all times, and trade at least 2 standard lots per month, round turn. EAs are available to users not partaking in the bonus, at only $28 per month.

All Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply


100% Deposit Bonus: Invest in an account and get double the money for trading, and generate profit faster.

Level Up Bonus: Open the account and get $70 free plus $140 on the broker proprietary Personal Area app. Trade with the money for 20 days and then reap all the benefits.

Cashback Bonus in Dollars: Get up to $15 per every standard lot traded. The money is fully withdrawable, and there are no limits to how much you can generate.

Cashback Bonus in Percentage: Trade at least 5 lots and reach the first cashback level of 5% (cashback per lot). Continue trading lots and reach higher levels. The higher your level is the more cashback per lot you receive (in percent)

FBS Special Events and Promotions: The broker regularly includes special contests and events where clients can participate and win very exciting prizes. Past events include the FBS 12 Year Anniversary Party with a $1 200 000 cash pool and dozens of tech rewards. There are also regular FBS Traders Parties that are filled with exciting opportunities.

FBS Loyalty Program: Trade with FBS and earn points that can be exchanged for gifts and cash. The more the client trades, the higher his or her loyalty status, and the better the rewards become.

All Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply


FXTM Contests: Every once and a while, FXTM organizes exciting contests that allow clients from all over the world to compete with each other and win huge cash and product prizes.

Refer a Friend Promotion: Get up to $50 for every friend you refer. The new client has to complete a set of requirement in order for the money to be eligible for withdrawal.

All Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply


50% on Each Deposits: Deposit $50 at the minimum and activate the bonus. The client has to trade a specific amount of lots based on his/her bonus money divided by 2. If the user invests $100, with the 50% the client’s bonus money equals $50; so divide that by 2, and you get 25 lots that have to be traded in order to withdraw the bonus amount.

OctaFX Status Program: This gives all sorts of benefits that apply to all elements of the broker. The more the user trades and invest the more benefits can be claimed. The buffs include faster payment processing times, no trading charges, lower spreads, VIP events, and more.

OctaFX Trading Contests: Regular trading contests that put the trader’s knowledge to the test against others in a tournament offering exciting cash and product prizes to the winners, such as luxurious cars.

Trade and Win: Receive tech gadgets based on the lots traded. Get a shirt for 5 lots traded, elegant watches from 100+ traded lots, a smartphone in exchange for 310+ traded lots, and a MacBookPro for 2110+ traded lots.

All Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply