Best forex brokers with low minimum deposit

BrokerCountryRatingMin. DepositWebsite
US4.99/5$50Click for a special offerWebsite
UK, Cyprus, Belize4.94/5$5Click for a special offerWebsite
Australia, Cyprus4.93/5$100Click for a special offerWebsite
Cyprus, SVG4.8/5$100Click for a special offerWebsite

The Forex market is highly competitive, and in the battle to beat the rivals, more and more brokers reduce the size of the initial deposit required. Currently, the entry requirements are shallow, probably $100 on average to open an account, but you can also find companies readily accepting clients for as little as $10 or even less. The drop in the deposit requirements benefits both experienced and inexperienced traders in a multitude of ways. Above all, the Forex market becomes more affordable, and people with less capital at their disposal can also give it a shot; however, there are other significant benefits we should also address.

For one thing, traders can reduce the risk by entering the market with less money,  gradually increasing the investments. This is particularly advantageous for less-experienced participants who can transition from Demo to Real account trading more smoothly. And if things are not going according to the plan, or it just happens that new customers don’t really enjoy trading, they can exit the market with potential losses reduced to the minimum.

Low deposits benefit experienced traders, too, as they can open more accounts with more brokers, thus creating a diverse portfolio so that they can try different complex strategies or just reduce the overall risk. And if you ask experienced players, they’ll tell you that they’d rather give it a try with a new broker using real money, not demo accounts. Nevertheless, we always recommend that traders should always try virtual money Demo accounts first, regardless of their experience.

Low deposits also allow clients to increase the risks if they want to. With less capital invested, risk-tolerant traders can deploy strategies with increased potential profits, and that’s especially true if they can also rely on higher leverage levels. However, leverage is currently stringently regulated in many countries, including all EU members, the UK, the USA and Australia, to name but a few; therefore, the risk increase is not universally applicable. And yet, some customers can find it appealing to open extravagant positions or trade more volatile exotic instruments knowing that they won’t lose a fortune.

Lastly, low deposit brokers allow traders to be more flexible, feel more secure, and open the Forex market for more and more people throughout the world. However, make sure to rely on safe, regulated companies, regardless of the trading account size.