Best UK forex brokers – list of brokers regulated by FCA

BrokerCountryRatingMin. DepositWebsite
UK, Cyprus, Belize4.94/5$5Click for a special offerWebsite
UK, EU, SA, Dubai4.3/5$5Read the review
US, UK, CA, SG, AU, JP4/5$1Read the review
UK4/5$1Read the review
UK4/5n/aRead the review
UK4/5n/aRead the review
Cyprus, UK, South Africa, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands4/5$10Read the review
Bulgaria4/5$500Read the review
UK, Australia3.85/5$50Read the review
UK3.8/5$100Read the review
UK, Cyprus3.5/5$1000Read the review
UK, Cyprus, Hong Kong3/5$100Read the review
UK3/5$100Read the review
Australia3/5$1Read the review
UK3/5$100Read the review
UK3/5$200Read the review
SVG3.0/5$100Read the review
EU, UK3.0/5$200Read the review
UK3/50Read the review
UK3/5$100Read the review
UK3/5$500Read the review
UK3/5$1Read the review
UK3/50Read the review
UK, Cyprus, South Africa3/5£250Read the review
BVI1/5$300Read the review
SVG1/5$100Read the review
UK1/5$10 000Read the review

Forex brokerages in the UK fall under the oversight of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Overall, the UK financial watchdog is considered to be one of the strictest regulators in the world. It requires compliance with a number of strict rules that lower the risk of foul play on part of businesses and secure clients’ interests and funds.

So, UK forex brokers have to adhere to the highest regulatory standards, and if they fail to do so, the FCA imposes pretty salty fines.

Advantages of doing business with a FCA-regulated broker

– Minimum Capital Requirements – UK-based brokerages have to hold a minimum of €730 000 in net tangible assets in order to prove their good financial standing.

– Segregated Accounts – When a client deposits money with an FCA regulated broker, the funds are not directly transferred to the company. They are kept with a Bank, approved by the FCA, and the broker has limited access to them.

– Compensation Scheme – Regulation by FCA also involves additional guarantee to clients’ funds, since they fall under the umbrella of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). All FCA regulated brokers participate in the FSCS, and in case any of them goes bankrupt, clients can receive up to GBP 85,000 of their trading capital.

– MiFID (still) applies – Under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive every broker licensed in a EEA country is entitled to provide financial services throughout the EU and EEA. The Directive also includes some important measures designed to improve investor protection and promote market integrity and transparency, such as transaction reporting. Although UK is currently in the process of exiting the EU, it seems that the British authorities are determined to remain highly integrated for the benefit of consumers.

Brexit Issues

UK will no longer be part of the EU and this creates a lot of uncertainty, the financial sector included. The FCA works closely with other European regulatory bodies to solve the issues arising from Brexit and, more specifically, passporting rights between the EU and UK.

A senior executive at FCA recently said that the agency is working on a Temporary Permissions Regime (TPR), which will allow EU financial firms to continue to operate in the UK, without having to apply for authorisation with the FCA. However, at this stage no reciprocal “TPR” arrangements are drawn up regarding UK companies looking to continue doing business with clients from EEA countries.

Below, you can find some of the best forex brokers, regulated by UK’s FCA.


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