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Japan is the world’s largest retail forex market. Japanese forex brokers are not really interested in operating in foreign markets, yet they transact about 35% of the global retail FX volume.

The governmental institutions charged with the regulatory oversight of online Forex trading is the Japanese Financial Services Authority, as well as the Financial Futures Association of Japan. Their main goal and the idea behind them may be said to be the assurance of online Forex trading with “Japanese characteristics”. The government of Japan has been known to differ in policies compared to Western countries and Forex trading is no exception.

For instance, the JFSA has very strict rules regarding the trading software allowed in the country and many of the most popular platforms in Europe cannot comply with the requirements. The most often encountered trading platforms in Japan are ST24 platform and the RoboX platform.

Furthermore, the limit set by the authorities is 1:25 which is among the lowest around the world. This means that the cost of trading is higher in Japan and brokerages have to operate with a substantial capital.

Forex brokers should also have in mind that both the website and the customer support has to be provided in Japanese. Very little trading platforms in Japan operate in English and the traders prefer (as is expected) their mother tongue.

The most popular payment methods in Japan are the standard Visa and MasterCard, as well as the e-wallet PayEasy.

Forex news from Japan

Japan: Talk of New Crypto Regulation During Volatile Times

The land of the rising sun has caught up with the tendency of developed nations to tend to their local cryptocurrency industry

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Japan’s FSA Warns Local YouTuber of Unauthorized Crypto Exchange Promotion

A YouTube star native to Japan, with over 4 million subscribers- was on the crosshair of the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA)

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Private Japanese Companies Plan on Launching Private Digital Yen

Soon after the decision issued by the Central Bank of Japan to test a digital currency, it’s the turn now of major

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Japanese Crypto Exchange is Victim of Security Breach

Japanese crypto exchange Liquid confirmed today in an announcement that it was a victim of a security breach. This happened on 13th

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Japan To Start Testing Digital Currency by April 2021

Are we seeing a new dawn in the land of the rising sun’s financial operations? This Friday, the Bank of Japan officially

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Bank of Japan Contemplates the Introduction of a Digital Yen

The latest central bank to outset a number of experiments with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is none other that the

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B2BX is out of service for 5th day

B2BX, a crypto exchange registered in Estonia, is closed for a fifth consecutive day after an outage at an Amazon server in

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After losing $60 million to hackers Zaif Crypto Exchange opens again

Zaif, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, which last year lost over 60 million USD to hackers, will resume operations on Tuesday, April 23rd,

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15 Japanese arrested in Thailand for running a scam call center

The police in Thailand have arrested 15 Japanese for running a scam call center that targeted victims in Japan. The arrests were

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Japanese regulator considers approving crypto ETFs

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan may approve exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track crypto assets, although earlier this year the regulator

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Japanese banks will use blockchain for money transfers

Japan is about to become the first major market to use blockchain for money transfers after later this month three Japanese banks

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$60 mln stolen from Zaif crypto exchange

Hackers stole 60 million USD in crypto coins form the Japanese based Zaif crypto exchange – the latest in a series of

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Monex Group’s annual profit remains flattish in fiscal year 2016

Japanese forex brokerage group Monex Group announced its preliminary consolidated financial results for the fiscal year 2016 that ended on March 31. They

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Money Partners Group’s revenue up 14.5% year-on-year

The net revenue of the Japanese forex brokerage Money Partners Group rose 14.5% on a yearly basis and reached JPY almost 6.1

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GMO Click Holdings’ profit rises 32.9% over the year

GMO Click Holdings (TYO:7177), Japan’s largest forex brokerage, reported a yearly operating income of JPY 6.5 billion for the fiscal year that

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Japan’s trading volume of OTC forex up 12%m/m, of binary options falls 17%m/m in Feb 2016

The retail over-the-counter (OTC) forex trading volumes of Japan’s forex brokers amounted to JPY 594 trillion in February 2016, or up 11.8%

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